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17 February 2007 by Robert

Details of 17 February 2007 by Robert conducted by Robert for job interview.
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1. There was a figure of JK flip flop in which ~q is connected to J input and K=1. If clock signal is successively applied 6 times what is output sequence (q=?)
d) 010101

2. Frequency response of a filter is
a) Range of frequencies at which amplification of signal is employed.
b) Output voltage versus frequency (plot)
c) Filter which suppresses particular frequency

3. Gain and bandwidth of an op amp is
a) Independent of each other
b) Gain decreases as bandwidth decreases
c) Gain increases as bandwidth increases till some extent after which stability decreases

4. There was a figure of 4:1 MUX in which A and B are select lines. Inputs S0 and S1 are connected together and labeled as C where as S2 and S3 are connected together and labeled as D. Then which of the following is true?
a) Y= B+C
b) Y= A+C
c) Y= A+B
d) Y= C+D (Where Y is the output)

5. In step up transformer (or Step down not sure) transformation ratio is 1:5. If the impedance of secondary winding is 16 ohm then what is the impedance of primary winding?
a) 80 b) 3.2

6. There was a circuit consisting of AC voltage source and one inductance. Inductance value=0.2mH (or 0.2uH or 0.2H not sure).AC voltage =150 sin (1000t).what is the current flowing in the circuit?
a) i= 7.5 sin (1000t)
b) i= -7.5 sin (1000t)
c) i= 7.5 cos (1000t)
d) i= -7.5 cos (1000t)

7. Power gain of an amplifier having i/p gain of 20W and output gain of 20mW is
a) 60 b) 25 c) 10 d) 0

8. There was a RC circuit given with AC voltage source. Expression for capacitance was asked for charging condition. Choices were somewhat like this: a) some value multiplied by exp (-t/T)
ans --c i= (Vs/R)exp(-t/ T)

9. 2s complement of -17
ans -- 01111

10. Instrumentation amplifier is used for--------- --?
a). effective shielding
b). high resective filters
c). high common mode
d). all the above.

11. In ON CHIP decoding memory can be decoded to
a) 2^n b)2^n +1 c)2^n -1 d) some other choice

12. Half of address 0Xffffffff is
a) 77777777 b) 80000000 c) 7FFFFFFF d) some other choice

13. Which one of the following is used for high speed power application?

14. One question related with SCR rotation angle given ifring angle is 30degree
ans - 150degree

15. SCR is used for
a) To achieve optimum (or maximum ...not sure) dv/dt
b) For high current ratings
c) To achieve high voltage
d) Some other choice

16. State in which o/p collector current of transistor remains constant in spite of increase in base current is
a) Q point b) Saturation c) Cut off

17. A 16 bit monosample is used for digitization of voice. If 8 kHz is the sampling rate then the rate at
which bit is transferred is
a) 128 b) 48 c) d)

18. To use variable as recursive, variable should be used as
a) Static b) Global c) Global static d) Automatic

19. what is the resonant frequency of parrel RLC circuit of R= 4.7 komh L= 2 micro Henry and c=30pf.
a). 20.5 MHz
b). 2.65 KHz
c). 20.5 KHz
d). none

20.for the parallel circuit (one figure is given) Is= 10mA. R1= 2R, R2=3R, R3= 4R. R is artritary
a). 3.076mA
b). 3.76mA

21. main ()
int a=0x1234;