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HCU Campus by Redpine

Details of HCU Campus by Redpine conducted by Redpine for job interview.
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Test pattern consists of four subjects.

The paper having 100 marks.

1) C - 42 marks(each question carries 3 or 2 marks on objective and descriptive)

2)Data Structures - 18 marks (only objective 2 or 3 marks)

3)Operating Systems - 30 marks (it consists objective and descriptive,some problems on memory management)

4)Computer Networks-10 marks(both objective and descriptive)

The following questions are given below.

1)what is output for the following program.




int *p,*q,i;

p=(int *)100;

q=(int *)200;




a)100 b)25 c)0 d)compile error

Ans : b) 25

2)what is output for the following program.


#define swap(a,b) temp=a,a=b,b=temp;



int a=5,b=6;

int temp;



printf("a=%d,b= %d",a,b);


a)a=5 b=6 b)a=6 b=5 c)a=0 b=6 d)None

Ans : a a=5 b=6

3)what is output for the following program.




unsigned char i;

for( i=0;i