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Whole Testpaper NANDED by Persistent

Details of Whole Testpaper NANDED by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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hi.. i am Manisha Korpe from s.g.g.s i e&t,nanded. i got selected in persistent. now i am telling about selection procedure of persi. specially for electronics & telecom students. don,t worry about apti it,s very simple. there are 30 questions and time is of 60 min,no sectional cutoff criteria is above 55%.

It consists of following rounds





Aptitude consists of 2 sections.1-quantitative,2-,c,questions.apti is separate for electronics & computer ,IT. so don,t worry apti is of 30 marks out of which 25 marks on qunti & 5 marks on ,c, questions. In quanti they ask questions on probability,permutation & combination,ages,averages,simple & compound interest,percentage.

In ,c, questions are like find out output of given program,error finding.apti is very simple u can easily crack.some questions from apti which i remember are

.find output of following




printf("%d %d",++i,++i);


ans- 4 3



int n;

printf("enter any no");








fib(int n)


if (n= =0)


return 0;


else if(n= =1)


return 1;



return (fib(n-1)+fib(n-2));


find the output of above program for n=8.

for this type of question refer book "test ur c skill".

3.find the probability of getting any day is sunday in any leap year .


4.if a stick of any length is breakdown in two parts.find the probability getting length of stick more than 3:1

In this section they ask the questions on ,c,,microprocessor(if u mention in introduction as a field of interest),,c++,

some questions are like

1.what r storage classes in ,c,.explain about ,extern ,

2.tell something about calloc and malloc.and difference betn.these two. program for finding factorial of given number using recursion or without using recurtion. program for fibonises series using recursion or without using recursion.

5. without using strev function print the reverse string.

6.without using third string swap the contents of string.

And basic questions like on pointer,microprocessor.

In this section they give 3 programs u have to do that program they ask any type of program for me they ask the programs like-

1. multiplication of two 8085 microprocessor

2. if input array is given as
[ 1,3,5,6,1,3,4,1,5,7,8]
U have to print the array such that in which do not repeat the nos.which r in input array i.e. Output array is [1,3,5,6,4,7,8]
3.find the given no. is in form of 2^n or not

4.if an array is given find the addition of two successive elements and print this addition in another array.

Eg.A=[2,3,6,9,1,5,7] is input then output is B=[5,15,10,12]

In this round they ask general questions like

Tell me about urself.

Ur weaknesses,strengths, hobbies

Why persistent.etc