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Paper Aptitude - General - 21 February 2004 by Persistent

Details of Paper Aptitude - General - 21 February 2004 by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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The paper consists of 2 test.
Test 1 -- consists of only technicalobjective questions, It has six sections & each have 5 Qns.
   THe sections are --
  1. C Programming( in which some C Qns are there)
  2. Theory ( Qns from Compiler toc etc.)
  3. General( Qns from probability etc.)
  4. OS(Qns from OS, like 5 processes are given with their burst &  some scheduling policy is also given, now find out when process P is completed)
5. Database ( Qns from Normalisation, Transactions etc)
6. Data Structures
  Qns are pretty simple. one Knowing only the basics can be able to clear the exam. Just go through C language part in some detail.

Test 2--- Consist of only 1 Qn for program. In this we have to make a C program.
   Qn is that there is a binary tree , a node having three pointers -- Left child, right child, parent. Now the problem is to delete the tree in top-down fashion ie First delete parent & then child.

In previous paper, the Qn ask in this section is that---
      To take a string from the User & then arrange the characters in that string in ascending order like if user enters "babcac" the program should print it as "aabbcc"