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Candidate Experience - Exam In May 2008 by Persistent

Details of Candidate Experience - Exam In May 2008 by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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I am 1.6 yrs Ex in c++ unix.....

I gave persistent exam in May 2008....

Written was conducted by Merittrac consultancy....

Aptitude was simple for C++ there was questions about friend functions, templates, inheritance etc....

I had telephonic interview
1. How dynamic polymorphism works
2. If copy constructor is not there then what all things you can,t do.
For this I told concept of copy constructor and why wee need but he said NO....He said you can,t do
obj(obj1) which I think i preety obvious
Thts it no other C++ question.

3. Binary search Algorithm (its not binary search tree) doesn,t works for which data structure

4. There is a buffer and 4 threads are wrting on it and 2 threads are reading from it. Tell what will be data structure for this buffer.

5. Do u know process scheduling algorithms.....he said u have to make your own process scheduling algo what all parameters u will keep in mind.

6. What is throughput?

His main Emphasis was on OS.

7. When you click on yahoo mail a page drops saying Enter username and passwd. Once u supply username and passwd it enters and if u open another instance of browser it will not ask username passwd this time. So tell how this thing is implimented?