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Sree Narayana Gurukulam College Of Engg.,Kochi by ONGC

Details of Sree Narayana Gurukulam College Of Engg.,Kochi by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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Radial force acting on the outer surface of a thick cylinder subjected to internal pressure p? Ans: zero
Factor of safety at fatigue loading is Endurance limit\working stress
Venture meter used to measure Discharge.
Ratio of Surface convection resistance to internal conduction resistance is
Fluid used in inverted manometer has ( Low density, high density, low surface tension, high surface tension)
To avoid separation, the ratio of throat of venturimeter to dia of pipe is
Maximum efficiency of flow through pipe is 67.6
Air vessel is used to
In centrifugal pump fluid enters radially.
Lathe bed is made up of. material
Cold chisel is made up of Cast tool steel
Hack saw blade is specified by length of blade.
No of buckets on the periphery of pelton wheel is D/(d+15)
Efficiency of reaction turbine is inversely proportional to √H.
Kelvin Planck statement states the conservation of
Which one is an extensive property (P, T, V, and Density)
PVn is an equation for isentropic process.
Bell Coleman cycle is Reversible..
Entropy is related to (P, T, P& T, Heat & work).
Work done in free expansion process is Zero.
Throttling process is a non steady flow process.
Effeciency of Carnot cycle can be increased by increasing the highest temp.
Condition of fluids at the inlet of counter flow heat exchanger is
Efficiency of Diesel cycle approaches to Otto cycle when Cut off is increased.
In automobiles the heat exchanger used is Cross flow.
When absorptivity =1, reflectivity=0, transmittivity=0 the body is called Black body.
If one of the link of the kinematics chain is fixed it is called mechanism.
Centrifugal tension on the belt has no effect on the power transmitted.
Angle of approach
If inertia forces and couple acting on a body balance each other, it is Dynamic balance.
When nature of contact between the elements of a pair is such that only surface contact occurs it is
If elements of a pair is kept in contact by external forces it is forced closed pair.
Military organization follows line organization.
The load cup a screw jack is made separate from the head spindle to prevent the rotation of the load being lifted.
Gantt chart is used for.Production Schedule.
Minimum no of teeth on pinion which will mesh with any gear without interference for 20 full depth involute teeth will be 18.
The screw is specified by major diameter.
If the axis of first and last wheels are coaxial then the gear train is reverted gear train.
Gear is specified by pitch diameter.
Maximum shear stress theory is applicable to ductile materials.
Yield point on a static loading is as compared to fatigue loading.
Longitudinal stress is times the circumferential stress.
Two shafts have equal strength if twisting moment is same.
Increase in hardness due to cold working of a component is work hardness.
Resultant of two equal forces acting at an angle is 2P cos /2.
Crater wear is predominant in Tungsten carbide tools.
The value Engg technique in which experts of same rank assembled for product development is called Brain storming.
Method used for manufacturing of 2 m long seamless pipe is..
Welding method which uses a pool of molten metal is SAW.
Welding technique which uses a non consumable electrode.
Universal gas constant R is of two specific heats. (Difference)
The important geometrical quantity in cutting of metals which can be used as a criterion for machinability is Shear angle.
For turning small taper on long work piece suitable method is tail stock set over method.
Piezometer gives gauge pressure.
Surface finish factor for mirror finished plane is.
PERT Programme evaluation and review technique.
Emersion Efficiency plan.
CPM requires a single time estimate.
A critical activity has zero slack.
Interchangeability can be achieved by Standization.
Production cost per unit can be reduced by producing more units from the same input.
Job evaluation is a method for measuring relative value of a job.
In value Engg important consideration is given to cost reduction.
Simplex method is used for Linear programming.
How to check the measure the quantity of materials arrives in store. (Purchase order, Delivery chellan, Receipt voucher)
Routing function in a production system is concerned with machine utilization.
Moment of inertia of a circular section about an axis perpendicular to the section is ∏d4/32.
Principle of transmissibility of forces.
The point at which the weight of a body acts irrespective of its position is Centre of gravity.
In which of the following, flow of fluid from low pressure to high pressure takes place. (Flow of liquid in vertical pipe, Adiabatic flow in horizontal pipe, )
The strain energy stored in a body, when suddenly loaded is four times the strain energy stored when the same load is applied gradually.
If bending stress acting on a curved beam, the stress at neutral axis is
The stress developed when a member is suddenly loaded is two times the stress produced when the same load is applied gradually.
Minimizing machine facilities done by Process Layout.