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Shanthi Degree College,Kukatpally,Hyderabad - Find Paper 17 by ONGC

Details of Shanthi Degree College,Kukatpally,Hyderabad - Find Paper 17 by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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I.General Knowledge-40
III section & IV section contains descriptive questions general and technical respectively.
Total test duration is 3hrs.

I just remember some of the questions it may be helpful for you
1.)Highest peak in the sathpura range?
2.)Who introduce the Mansabdari system
3.)KONKAN coastalline is held b/n?
4.)President submit his resignation to whom?
5)Who is the .Political GURU of Mahatma Gandhi?
6) Author of "Neel Darpan"
7) "Child labour is crime" which article
8)"National Environment Engineering" Institute is located in?
9) first buddist council held in ?

Some of technical questions are:

1) who called Steel Workers?
3)Who invent C++ language?
2)The British Gentleman who invent the Integrated Circuit?
4)Simulation interrupts are called?
one or two questions on plotters
and two questions on operating systems(Scheduling concepts)
In DBMS question regarding primary keys
Some on Data Structures

In technical they asked basics of the all computer subjects some questions are beyond the subjects
Anyway after exam i felt that we have to prepare a lllooooootttttttt, to successfully attempt the exam.
Descriptive Questions are:

1.Effect of Globalization on the rural economy
2.Explain "unity in diversity" in India


1)Explain the System Development Life Cycle
2)Explain the System Study by simulation