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Delhi - Find Paper 6 by ONGC

Details of Delhi - Find Paper 6 by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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Hey here i am posting the general question asked in the finance paper in MT-Finance paper in 2011 Exam,Just i wana to tell u all my friend its tough task to crack GKGS portion for a ca and cwa student but technical paper was fine.These are the question asked in the Exam-
(1)As a president ,I m blind but i constitutional eyes,i cant see u-who said this
(a)Dr.Rajendra Prasad (b)Swarpalli Radha Krishnan (c) Abraham Linkan (d) Woodro Wilson

(2)What % is contributed by the Indirect Tax in indian Tax Revenue
(3)Who is knowm as Frontier Gandhi-Ans-Khan abdul Gaffar Khan
(4)which mission contain provision for India Pakistan division-Ans-Mount baten mission
(5)Arrange the Mugal emperor in their Order-Ans-Akbar,Jahangir,Shahjahan,Aurangjab
(6)In which sector maxium FDI has been made in last decade
(a) Service Sector (b) Telecom (c) Retail Market (d) Food Processing
(7) Which article of constitution provide special provisions for SC,ST