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Careers And Placement Opportunities by Netapp

Details of Careers And Placement Opportunities by Netapp conducted by Netapp for job interview.
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Netapp, Inc. is an American multinational storage and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

The Netapp team is passionate about customer success. The company's culture and work environment support that dedication. Together with thier global network of partners, they are united in one goal: to help their customers achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

Below is the placement procedure for Netapp :

1. Written Test : This test contains two sections namely aptitude and technical. Time allowed for this test is 1hour and 45 minutes.

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The first test was for 60 minutes and consisted of 50 questions. It was divided into 4 sections : Analytical, C Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms and Systems (this part mainly concentrated on Computer architecture). Except for section D, it was pretty easy. If you’re good at the basics, you can crack it without breaking a sweat. Just simple algorithms and code-reading. Section D required a bit of reading – but with a couple of guesses going your way, you can get upto 7 on 10.

Another round is pure coding round. 3 questions in 45 min.

They focus on your approach rather than a solution. So doing all the three partially is better than doing one or two perfectly and leaving the rest.

2. Personal Interview (Technical) : Candidates who cleared their written test are called for interview. There are two technical rounds – or rather one interview split into two. You are asked to explain the approach you took for the 3 questions in the previous round and if you can optimize it in various ways (like quick sort is ‘nlogn’ time but count sort is ‘n’).

(1)A continuous stream of integers is coming. Find the largest 10. I said I’ll maintain a min-heap of the 10 largest numbers. Whenever a new number comes, compare it with the root of the heap. If the new number is greater, remove the element at the root and insert the new element (following heap logic, not simple swap). Time complexity – nlogn

(2)Check whether a linked list is a palindrome. Recursively go to the end with a pointer q while maintaining a separate global head pointer p. Once you reach the end, compare the two pointers and advance the pointer p (q will be automatically retreated as you go back up in recursion).

3. Personal Interview (HR) : There are two HR rounds as well. They will ask you almost all the questions which are in the HR book.

Tell me about yourself and your family.
Why do you want to join Netapp?
Why should Netapp hire you?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What have you learnt in life?
What is your daily schedule? 

Main focus is on your plans for the future. 

The second one is pretty short and to the point.

Why do you want to join Netapp?
What are your future plans?
Didn’t you get homesick in your first year?How did you manage?
Why did you opt for development?

Just show how enthusiastic you are about the company and you have aced it.

Be confident, not over-confident. Just focus on the basics. Write time-efficient codes. Stick to what you feel is correct. Just do not blurt out something in the HR round which might give them a reason for not selecting you. Keep your cool as interviews can be hectic at times. All the best!!