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General - Other Bangalore - 14 September 2007 by Ness

Details of General - Other Bangalore - 14 September 2007 by Ness conducted by Ness for job interview.
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Hi friends my name is Venki,iam glad to say that iam a Nessian

The pattern in NESS is
1.Written Test
3.Technical Interview

1.Written Test
Written Test contains 125 Questions (10 C,15 C++,25 Core Java,25 J2EE,50 Aptitude and Verbal
In C all are basic questions i would loke to advice you to read Yeswant Kanitkar,
i dont know c++ so i left all the questions because negative marking is there, so be careful
I know Java very well,so i didn,t left even one question .the Questions will be like
1.they gave me a java program which contains two main methods and asked me to predict the output
2.some questions on constructors
3.some questions on oops
Aptitude + verbal: among all the sections it,s very easy so try to get maximum marks in it.I am poor in verbal even though i did well

In our GD there are 10 members among them they selected 2 members.
our topic is Terrorisam.
some other topics are Is India need a Fourign Coach or Indian Coach
3:Technical Interview:
My technical Interviewer was very nice. He did not tourchered Me I told my role model as SWAMY VIVEKANANDA then he asked me about my role model i told him a lot of practical stories and finally he asked me to tell in one sentence then i replied " HE IS AN INDIAN WHO TEACHED ENGLISH TO ENGLISHMAN". he was very impressed
he asked me some basic technical questions like
1.Differences between Structure and Class
2.What happens if we increment a Pointer
3.Some DBMS Questions

here also i received same hr questions like in other companies and finally they selected me now iam a nessian