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CMG Paper Candidates Experiences - 1 July 2006 by Logica

Details of CMG Paper Candidates Experiences - 1 July 2006 by Logica conducted by Logica for job interview.
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Ist- Verbal   15Ques  10min
IInd- Analytical   15Questions   20mins
IIIrd- Attention to detail  10Questions   10mins
IVth was actual Tech Test (which was either C or C++ or Java) 20Question 20mins.

First three part is easy. check on articles, Readin comprehension and answering questions. Venn diagrams, Cubes prob.. plz study.

I took C++. study file handling, virtual functions, structures, basic C/c++. code snippet were given.

Next is the GD round. It is similar to any other GD. Be Interactive and clear.

Next is HR. Two Hr rounds. In HR they ask basic Ques talk about yourself. Do u mind working late hours. How much salary u expect as a fresher? They wil ask any Question written on your cv, why less marks? How to u manage extra cirricular activities with education. In this they ask are u ready to sign a 2yr bond. I said no. so i donno about the final HR.