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RLJIT Bangalore ,7 December 2010 by KPIT

Details of RLJIT Bangalore ,7 December 2010 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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1) Written test (60 questions, 60 mins)

2) Technical Interview

3) HR Interview

Written test separately held for electronics related branches and computer related branches. Mine is ECE.

Written test consisted of 3 sections.

Technical (35 questions) basic electronics, digital electronics, computer network, network theory etc.

Aptitude (15 questions) very easy

English (10 qustions) 2 comprehensions, 2 questions from synonyms, jumbled paragraph.

Technical interview: on 15/12/2010

My interview began at 6:30 pm. I was waiting for my interview since morning. I was second last person of my panel. It was almost dark. There was some power problem in college. For technical round you need to through in your project and microprocessor and a programming language. Mainly It depends on HR panel.

But in my case she didnt asked even a single question from electronics, not even project.

HR: Sorry Keshav! for power probs.
Me: Its okey mam. It will not affect our converstion.

HR: So, tell me about yourself?
Me: Told

HR: What is OOPS?
Me: Told

HR: So, you know C++. right?
Me: No mam. I know only C.

HR: Then how do you know about OOPS?
Me: Because its a very familiar term. I usually discuss with my friends.

HR: What is difference between i=10 and i==10?
Me: Told

HR: What will be the output.
for(i=10, i