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NIT RAIPUR ,30 November 2007 by KPIT

Details of NIT RAIPUR ,30 November 2007 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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1. written technical -total no of questions is 30 , time 40 minutes no negative marking(elimination round)
2. GD(non elimination round)
3. PI

WRITTEN TECHNICAL (Electronics & Telecommunication)
The questions were mainly from Instrumentation and control system.they require instrumentation engineers.
2 numerical quetions of digital communication 1 from sampling frequency.
1 from optical communication very simple que.
6-7questions from control theory mainly used in power plant related to cascaded controller, PID, second order transfer function, steady error rate in thermometre.
Q The op-amp in non linear mode is used as a) integrator b) schimmt trigger c)active filters d) instrumentation amplifier.
1 quest on IR spectroscopy, stroboscope, pirani guage, 2 questions related to flow measurement, vacuum, Bellow,s expansion.
1 numerical on LVDT
1 optical lens magnification numerical
1 question from current transformer(find error rate)
1 question from Geiger tube (quantum efficiency in Angstrom)
Q friction related question of 12th class
Q.The decimal no. -15 can be written in 8-bit signed 2,s complement as?
Q The no. of flip- flops used in MOD-10 counter is
Q The deflection sensitivity of CRT is directly/inversely proportional to
QThe common collector configurations characteristics is a) high i/p & low o/p impedance....................................... package 4.5 lakh per annum, and no service bond

I have given my written exam today at 9pm results will be announced tommorow.