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New Paper 21 - Kolkata ,12 December 2010 by KPIT

Details of New Paper 21 - Kolkata ,12 December 2010 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Hello Guys,

My Self Omprakash Kumar/Computer Science/HETC have been appeared SAIL Examination at Kolkata center on 12th December. My experience about SAIL Exam is:

Generally Questions were Given About:

1. Oracle(Sql Command)
2. Computer networking
3. C
4. Data Structure.
5. Digital Electronic
6. C++ and Java etc.

Also in This exam had two parts one part related to technical (Computer) and in second part was

1. General Awarence

2. English (Two Paragraph, Some fill in the blanks etc.

3. Aptitude.

I am share some technical question which are:

1. Main( )
main( );

a) Print Tim Tim b) Keep Print Tim Continue c) Print Tim Once d) Display Blank Screen.

2. Number of Input & Output in Full adder are
a) 2 and 1 b) 2 and 2 c) 3 and 3 d) 3 and 2

3. Topology used in large Network is
a) Bus b) Star c) Ring d) Non of these

4. The Number 10000 appear just immediately after
a) FFFF(Hex) b) 1111(Binbary) c) 7777(Oct) d) All

5. Which is the Following language is Not Supported by C++
a) Exception Handing b) Reflection c) Operator Overloading d) NameSpace

6. Which Of Following Protocol use Acknowledgment
a) UDP b) TCP c) Both d) None

7. Which Is the Advantage of a Switch Over HUB
a) More Secure b) Higher Speed c) Both d) Non

8. Diamond Inheritance Property Solve By
a) C++ b) Java c) Both d) Non

9. When in SQL Command Add four Table Then How Many While Clause will be Need
a) 3 While b) 2 while c) 4 while d) 5 While

10. Which Are DDL Function
a) Drop b) Truncate c) Both d) None