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AgreeYa Interview Other 20 Augest 2011 by KPIT

Details of AgreeYa Interview Other 20 Augest 2011 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Written pattern
1. 90 min aptitude
2. 60 min c++ question

I remember few question

Agreeya Aptitude Questions
1 Acube painted with white paint then cut into 125 smalls cube. Find nuber of cube which has 2 side are painted like that

One question on algebric eqation
ax2+bx+c=0, dx2+ex+f both have equal roots then which conditions will get satisfied
One question on arrange ments of people sequence like ram is sitting lift to shaym you have to find proper position of each person
One q on blood relations
very tuff techanical questions
virtual constructors exixts
which class write on merory of array