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Paper Technical - Java - 16 March 2005 by Keane

Details of Paper Technical - Java - 16 March 2005 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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 EJB : 10
 OOAD : 5
 DB : 5
 Total :55
 cut off 60% ie. 33 they said.

 do strong enough in core java they r so tricky reaming r ok
 DB also simple like use of TO_CHAR() function.....
 I cleared the written and they called me Thursday 24,and told me I am having tech on Sunday 27. I cleared tech also.
 Again in interview they concentrated on core java. They have taken around 45 mts in which they asked around 35 mts on corejava.
 Right from oops, inheritance, polymorphism, exceptions, threading. They asked some theoretical questions as well as they will gave some sample code and ask whether they compile or not,r un or they asked overloading, overriding which includes exceptions. So guys&gals be strong in CORE JAVA. later they asked few questions on servlets/jsp.