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General - Other Hyderabad - 17 February 2008 by Jindal

Details of General - Other Hyderabad - 17 February 2008 by Jindal conducted by Jindal for job interview.
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hi i am from civil engg. technical questions from civil only.

the entire test was divided into 4 sections:-
1.General english it contains questions related to articles,prepositions,synonyms and 2 passages.

2. quantitative aptitude percentage,time & work,speed,profit & loss etc...

3. attention to detail it contains questions like changing the mathematical operators eg.. ,+, stands for,*,, ,-, stands for ,/, and so on...

4.Technical questions (CIVIL) total 60 questions (OBJECTIVE)

1. vicats apparatus is used for....
2. position of centre of gravity w.r.t centre of pressure for an immersed body
3. as per IS 456:2000 Ec=
4. sp. wt. of steel
5. dimensions of an A4 paper
6. size of modular brick used in india
7. depth /width ratio for shallow foundation
8. natural method of seasoning of timber
9. slenderness ratio formula
10. concept of relative density is related to which type of soil
11. no. of blows required for performing liquid limit test
12. plate load test is used for..
13.width of B.G in India
14. valve through which flow in one direction is possible
15. pH of water for making concrete
16. condition for a column to be long or short
17. disease caused presence of nitrates
18. what is the angle called diff b/w magnetic meridian & true meridian