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Whole Testpaper MAIT, Delhi - 17 March 2007 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper MAIT, Delhi - 17 March 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hey guys,

There were around 1400 students who appeared for the written test. Out of those, around 260 were selected for the interview. Finally around 100-150 were selected.


There were 2 rounds:-
1) Written test which consisted of 2 parts:-

a. Reasoning (30 questions in 40 minutes)

  Puzzle(something likethere were 6 bikes, A,B,C,D,E,F. C was sold atleast before 4 bikes. D was sold immediately after C. B and E were sold atleast before 1 bike. etc. There were 5 questions on this puzzle).

  5 questions on Data Interpretation.

  5 questions on Data Sufficiency.

  5 questions on finding odd one out from a given series of 5 figures(very easy).

  Puzzle(tricky one5 questions based on that).

  5 questions on syllogism(there were 5 premises given in each ques, and options consisted of a combination of 3 premises. We had to choose the one which was a logical combination out of the given choices).


b.Verbal ability (30 questions in 35 minutes) (very easy paperur grammar should be good).

2 reading comprehensions with 5 questions each(quite easy, but passages were lengthy, so attempt in the end).

10 questions on sentence completion.

10 questions on replacing the underlined portion of a sentence with one of the options given.


Firstly, they gave us an application form to fill up. We had to affix a passport size photo n fill up personal details n marks as well as aggregate from 10th to pursuing or qualified course(make sure u write exact percentage n marks). Also, details of eyesight n last major illness/surgery in the last 1 year, n work experience(if any). If u know somebody presently working in Infosys, then ull have to provide his name, relation n location where hes presently working.


2) HR interview

Interview lasted for about 5-7 minutes. There were 15 HR personnels simultaneously interviewing 15 students in different rooms. I was not given any puzzle to solve, but other candidates were asked to solve puzzles(so be prepared for that). Questions that I was asked were:-

How do ur friends describe u?

How do ur enemies describe u?

Tell me something about urself.

Tell me about some disturbing moments in ur life in last 1 yr.

Tell me about some happy moments.

Tell me some news headlines from the next 2 weeks.

If u win Rs.1 crore lottery, how will u spend that money?

If u r made the dean of a college, what r the 5 things that ud like to change in the college?

What r the books that uve read in the last 1 year?(I mentioned reading novels as a hobby in my CV)

Would u like to ask any question? (make sure u ask a question, that too a genuine one).