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Whole Testpaper Lucknow - 29 March 2007 INFOSYS PAPER ON 29th MARCH AT LUCKNOW by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper Lucknow - 29 March 2007 INFOSYS PAPER ON 29th MARCH AT LUCKNOW by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Paper pattern was same

  Reasoning   30 ques. 40 min

  English        40 ques -  35 min.


B4 reading this u must know that DI questions were easy enough to be attempted so dont leave DI ques . they r easy sometimes and can provide an upper hand over others

In a college hostel there are 100 rooms for 100 boys during holiday all boys returned home and every room of hostel was locked .after holidays when 1st boy returned he opened all 100 doors when 2nd boy arrived he closed every 2nd door when third boy arrived he operated on every third door (if door was opened he closed it and vice versa )

This process continued toll the 100th boy arrived

q.1) which of the door was opened at the end of process?

a)80     b)68     c)75     d)100


q2)find the odd one out in the following doors 81st ,16th , 96th , one more

a) 81    b)16     c)96     d)one more


and three more questions

Q6-Q10 direction find the odd figure in following


a)a pentagon inside a hexagon

b)a rectangle inside a pentagon

c)a triangle inside a rectangle

d)a pentagon inside a rectangle

e ) a hexagon inside a septagon


a)two intersecting circles

b)two intersecting squares

c)two intersecting triangles

d)one square intersecting with triangle

e)two intersecting pentagons


Q8) there were 5 diff . figures every fig has one circle intersected with square and there were two dots every fig has dot in intersection apart from the ans which does not have the the dot in intersection area


Q11) Q15  mark a if ques can be answered using a only b if ques can be answered using b only c if either of them d if neither of them






Q15) ram lent rs 5000 at certain rate of interest

What will be the interest?

a) if he had lent it for 2% more he would have received 500 rs more

b) I dont remember


Q16-Q20 )

A DI ques 3 graphs were given one for steel prod. Second for automobiles production and third one for ship building

All were in millions so it became easy to solve

From my point of view a questioned which must be attempted



There are 4 frnds meena , meera ,anju, (one more say rita ) two frnd lived in mumbai and there hobies were gardening , the girl who lived in Chennai has the hobby of clay modeling and singing , meera has the hobby of painting and she live in Mumbai ,anju likes gardening as her hobby and some more statements ..every gal has two hobbies


This ques was easy

Meena       meera        anju         rita







clay modeling


by making the above table ques can easily b answered


ques 25-Q30  were bit complex 6 statements were given a-f and 4combinations like ABC    , DEF,BCA were give so we have to mark the set which which logically combines to give some meaning.