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Infosys IEM KOLKATA - 16 August 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys IEM KOLKATA - 16 August 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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on 16 aug 2011 at IEM KOLKATA(1st campussing of infy in the year 2011)
There was a aptitude test follwing tha PPT.containing analytical reasoning and verbal(ENGLISH).No quantative question was there.
from 320 candidates 226 cleared the aptitude.then it was hr round
ME-May I come in sir
HR-Yes,sit down
ME-Good Evening Sir
HR-Good evening.So Debdutta How was your last day interview?
(Last day was cognizant interview)
ME-It was good sir.
HR-Good.You are from Sainthia,Birbhum?
ME-Yes Sir
HR-so whats the difference you think between your hometown and kolkta
HR-What are the problems u faced when you first came to kolkata?
HR-What are the problems you faced in life?
ME-told(It was not a very good answer I think)
HR-So you have done 4 projects
ME-yes sir 2 for learning purpose and others are projects
HR-What are they?
HR-what,s your role in the project
HR-You stay in hostel as you have written in the form.So what is the most memorable day of you in hostel?
ME-this was something ,for what I was prepared.told about the first day in hostel
HR-ok do you have any question for me?
ME-sir if I get a chance in INFOSYS what i have to prepare or what are the shortcomings i need to rectify?
HR-Nothing for being in INFOSYS you need only DETERMINATION.
and he told a lot about infosys training for 5-6 minutes and asked me not to join any other company other than infosys
ME-said that i know about the training as my seniors are working there.
HR-nice to meet you.thank u
ME-thank you sir.

You require only confidence and decency to crack it.the hr s are really great and cool people and they will relax you.
at last result was out in 19/08/2011 219 of the 226 were selected I was one of them.thanks GOD,thanks all and thanks .for placement papers you can check this site.all the best