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Infosys Durgapur - 29 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys Durgapur - 29 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Infosys came to my college "Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering & Mngmnt Durgapur" for recruitment for the 2012 passing out batch..first thr was a PPT session..In this we were given an insight about the company..the Awesum Mysore training campus was one of the highlights..then we were made to sit in the classes for the aptitude test..i was nervous and was trying very hard not to think much about what was at stake..i tried to take it as just another exam..the first paper was logical reasoning...i knew the questions of infosys apti is not very tough but the time factor plays a crucial i just started solving questions as soon as i got the paper.
LOGICAL REASONING : this section contained questions from topics like Data sufficiency(5 Qs),syllogism (5Q),complete the figure series(5Q),Data interpretation (5Q),puzzle(10Q).
i found this section average..if you solve RS Agarwal then its sufficient...but lemme tell u i took this section with a strategy..i first finished with syllogism as they are scoring and easy, then i did picture series completion(very easy),then Data sufficiency(easy)then i solved puzzle test and then DI..the point was to attempt tricky questions after gaining confidence from solving easy ones like syllogism worked for me..i guess i got 23 -25 questions correct (out of 30) minimum as i cracked both the puzzles and handled DI pretty well...

next was verbal..i m good in english so it was not a big deal but for people who are not confident should practice a lot for this section as infy sets a high standard for engligh section(probably they want u to b better then their europe ,USA based clients in english)..


this section has high difficulty level with severe time constraint..just 35 minutes for 40 questions...with 2 long attempt passage at the last..and before attempting any passage try to just quickly check which one is data based or facts based..and attempt them first..overall u cannot take this section lightly...hard wrk is the only possible option...try developing reading habit..i solved all my verbal questions without using any grammar rule...only my earlier reading habit was sufficient..i think i did almost 27-29 questions correct...

finally we all reported to the semionar hall for the declaration of the result of th Apti round...i was side of me was telling i would get thru...but other the side was scaring the hell out of me..i was biting my nails..shaking my legs and what not...suddenly the infy member appeared with a list in his hand..he called out the first wasnt mine..the hall was filled with rupturous applause for the candidate,,then another name was called out..i was getting tensed but to my expected surprise my name was announced..i got up from my seat and thumped my chest mildly two three times similar to football celebration...i was ecstatic...i came out of the seminar hall to report for HR soon as i steped out of the hall i screamed with joy ..i felt like crying..but somehow maintained a balance...i went for HR which was cool..infy is 90 % cleared if u clr the apti...and wen finally name of the selected candidate was announced in the evening i was thr in the list...finally i thanked God..because only i realise how much important this dream job was for me...all the best to all of u...i hope i have a great time in infy at mysore campus.....