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Infosys Bhagwan Mahavir Institute, Sonepat - 29 January 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys Bhagwan Mahavir Institute, Sonepat - 29 January 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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It composed of two sections,

a) First section is very easy and it consists of Logical deduction, Data interpretation from R.S Aggarwal seating arrangement.

b) Second section consists of complete verbal, the contents are 2 paragraphs from R.S Aggarwal
correction of sentences (Prepare tenses once)

2 more parts are there in this section these also from R.S Aggarwal

2) HR Interview

Just HR asked.

About Projects?

Whats your role in your project?

Then HR asked about some personal things and How do you spend your free 1) Regarding the preparation duration

I believe that 2 weeks are more than enough to prepare for the exam, provided you study dedicatedly and strictly in consonance with the pattern.

Means of writing=Black or Blue Pen

They also provide you with a blank paper for rough work
There are 5 options, out of which you have to encircle the correct option and write the option number in the space provided

2) Regarding the examination pattern

The Infosys Placement exam has 2 consecutive papers namely

(a) Quantitative/Verbal Non Verbal Paper
Duration=40 Minutes

Number of Questions=30
Topics covered:

Questions 1 to 5 = Pictorial Figure Series Questions
We had had four figure questions, in which an intermediate missing figure was to be guessed

Books to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Verbal/Non Verbal.
Advice=Even a practice of just 50 questions from each exercise of the chapter titled "Series" from the Non Verbal Reasoning part of the book will suffice.

Questions 6 to10= A puzzle.

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Verbal/Non-Verbal.

Note: This puzzle is relatively easier than another subsequent puzzle in the paper

Advice=Please have a thorough practice of the entire chapter titled "Puzzle Test". You may leave the last 2 exercises if You,re running out of time
Questions 11 to 15=Data Sufficiency Questions.

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Verbal/Non-Verbal + Some CAT preparation material
Advice=The chapter is "Data Sufficiency" in the "General Mental Ability" Section.

Questions 16 to 20=Data Interpretation Questions

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude.

Advice=Please have an intensive preparation of the chapters 36,37,38, and 39 on Tabulation, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Line graphs respectively.
Questions 21 to 25=Another Puzzle, but somewhat tougher than the previous one.

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Verbal/Non-Verbal, with Chapter titled "Puzzle"

Advice=Advice for Questions 6 to 10 + Most of the times, this puzzle is straight-away lifted from unsolved questions of exercises 1 to 5
Questions 26 to 30 =Correct Sequencing of 6 statements labelled P,Q,R,..... with implicit Syllogism

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Verbal/Non-Verbal, with

Advice=Refer to the chapter titled "Logic" in the "Logical Reasoning" section of the book.
(b)English Paper

Duration=30 Minutes

Number of Questions=40
Topics covered:

Questions 1 to 10=Choosing the correct sentence

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Objective General English

Advice=Refer to chapter 18 + some CAT preparation material
Questions 11 to 25=Sentence Completion + Choosing the appropriate filter + Sentence Improvement

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Objective General English

Advice=Refer to the chapters 11,14,15 and 16 (emphasis on chapter 14 and 15). Though questions do not come from chapter 14, but practice of this chapter,s exercises helps in chapter 16
Questions 26 to 30=Theme Detection + Deriving Conclusion from passages
Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Objective General English
Advice=Refer to the chapters 9 and 10 of this book.

Questions 31-35=Passage(Long)

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Objective General English
Advice=Refer to chapter 7 of the book

Questions 36 to 40=Passage(Somewhat Shorter)

Book to consult=R.S. Aggarwal Objective General English

Advice=Refer to chapter 8 of the book

(c) H.R. Interview
The Interviewer was a Female, aged around 45 years from South India.

When I was just sitting outside, waiting for my turn for the interview, the lady HR came out; I immediately stood up in her honor. Though this isn,t necessary at all, but it casts a positive impression on the interviewer beforehand. Also. sit straight and don,t shake your legs or sit cross-legged as this casts a negative impression on the interviewer.

Me: May I Come in Ma,am?
HR: Yes, Come in .

Me: May I have a seat Ma,am?

HR: Yes Please.
Me (Sitting): Thank You Ma,am.
HR: Please fill up this form.

HR(with my answer sheet in her hand): , you have scored exceedingly well in the English section, but you seem to have marginally passed in the Quants section. Why so? I mean, going by your Computer Science background and seeing your Resume, I would have expected you to score better in the Quants than in English.

Me(Shocked):Ma,am I suppose I may have fared reasonably well in both the sections, and this is the reason, why I have been called for this interview. I stressed more on the English section during preparation and also that some of the questions in the Quants paper were totally new to me.

HR: Which books did you study for this exam?

Me: Replied.
HR: Did you practice it only in the last week?

Me: No. I started preparing for this exam, around 2 and a half months back; its only in the last week that I brushed with all that I had learnt.
HR: Did you practice it in writing or did you just skim through the topic?
Me: No Ma,am. i thoroughly practiced all these books in writing.

HR: How do you study?

Me: Told
HR: Did you give any mock tests for this exam?

Me: Yes.
HR: What was your performance in the Englis Section of those mock tests?

Me: I had a score of around 80-85% in English section.
HR: And in the Quants section?

Me: I had roughly the same score and accuracy, but it took me more time to attempt the Quants section vis--vis the English one.
HR: Ok, what project have you made so far in your final year?
Me: Told.

HR: What has been your role in it?

Me: Told.
HR: How far is it complete?

Me: Told.
HR: What inspired you to make this project?

Me: Told
HR: What was your mentors view about this project?

Me: Told.
HR: Which co-curricular activities have you participated in?

Me: Told

HR: OK , It has been very nice, interviewing you, All the best for your future.

Me: OK, Thank You Maam.