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General - Other Techno India ,Rajarhat & Saltlake - 21 February 2008 by Infosys

Details of General - Other Techno India ,Rajarhat & Saltlake - 21 February 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi friends!!!!  This is subhadeep, student of TECHNO INDIA SALTLAKE. INFY came 2 our college on 21st Feb. It was officially an on-campus(I wonder!!! There were 4 colleges) 

Infy as usual had 2 rounds:
2.HR(no technical)  

The aptitude had 2 segments   
1. Verbal reasoning (30 question-40min)
All were quite easy (of R.S Agarwal standard) --- Just practice those at least once-thats more than enof  Ther were questions on Blood relation, data sufficiency, puzzle etc-VERY EASY

2.   English (40questions-30mins)
This was easy too there were prep. Syllogism, Choosing correct sentence and few others which I cant remember( U just need 2 hav some basic English knowledge- I dont think solving BARRON is reqd)   But friends the problem with this section is TIME SCARCITY    There were 2 one page comprehensions with 5 questons each  There were hardly any time 2 read those properly(though they were easy

The apti was easy &  I did attempt the whole lot.  Out of about 1100, 220 cleared the apti (probably cutoff was increased)
The HR was really a cakewalk---DAMN EASY   the interviewer was xtrmly friendly & as I enterd told me 2 sit down & then onwards

Q1.Tell me about ur weak points
A: answerd (Thank god he didnt asked me the Deadliest qstn-Introduce yourself

Q2.Tell about ur xperience after u left ur house
A; This is a filler-he was trying 2 tst communication skill, so I started stating every minute details

Q3. What sports do u follow
A; I answerd soccer,cricket & F1

Q4.He went on asking Whos best in EPL, who won F1 last yr, something about the teams blah blah
A: this was my domain & answered easily (Quite surprising a 55yr guy following F1  2 such a xtnt!!!!!)

Q5. Gave 2 puzzls 2 solve
A: Solvd the tougher one but narrowly missed the easy one

Q6.Have u ever worked in a group
A: I anwerd then he askd more about it & THEN told thats all

I was happy 2 give my best   After a long wait 4 about 2 hrs at 9:15pm(praying 4 the best) finally the names were announced & was elated 2 find I was one of about 135 selected  

So guys always have faith on yourself & god U CAN DO IT

Cracking INFY is not tough, just b cool during ur HR