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General - Other BIT Sindri, Dhanbad - 20 May 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Other BIT Sindri, Dhanbad - 20 May 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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hi this is ujjwal choudhary from BIT Sindri. Infosys visited our campus on 20th may 2007.fortunately i made thru. well this was the pattern in our college. believe me if u r really thinking of infy plz go thru the following pattern.

WRITTEN: --------
(1)REASONING: --------it comprised of 30 questions to be answered within 40 mins.R.S. Aggarwal is the key man. For this section maximum ques. were directly frm it.
---6 sections---------5 questions were in each section.

Section 1:
A simple puzzle based on cube. A cube painted---6 faces----6 colors. detailed account was given.----------R.S. Aggarwal-Ex.14B  page-359, q. no. 4.

Section 2:
Figure series -> 5 ques. a bit tricky, but R.S. Aggarwal more than suff. for practice.

Section 3:
Data  sufficiency. 5 ques.-very very easy (R.S. Aggarwal)

Section 4:
Data Interpretation-2 figs.(correct ans. in this section would make a difference)

Section 5:
Tough puzzle--time consuming. but then good news was that, it was directly frm R.S. Aggarwal. Suppose not practiced earlier, try to extract answers. Dont just make blind guesses.
Ques. was:--5 boys, A,B,C,D,E-two r good, one is that   {page no  302, ques no 21-25(jumbled puzzles) of R.S. Aggarwal}

Section 6:
Syllogism-> very, very, easy. Free marks to score. Again refer R.S. Aggarwal (sufficient)--- Section II: logical reasoning--page no 02(u will find it there.)

As 40 mins get over, dont be in a hurry for making blind guesses of ur own. Only question paper will have to be submitted. After a gap of 5 mins u will get English paper. That means, in this 5 mins gap .u r smart enuf..

English Paper
40 ques within 30 to 35 minutes

This paper is the deciding factor for selectionu got to have more than 15 to 20 answers correct. two passages 5+5=10 ques error rectification (long sentences having mistakes of prepositions , sub verb aggrement.etc(ques 11-18) Substitution of underlined part of sentence by correct phrase fill in the blanks(options were tough words but commonly used) u have to know the meanings. conclusion based on small paragraphs (or story)