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JNTU College Of Engg, Anantapur,A.P,30 June 2007 by IBM

Details of JNTU College Of Engg, Anantapur,A.P,30 June 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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This is the new pattern of IBM. Ours is the 5th college in which this new pattern has been implemented. it contains 3 sections.

SECTION 1, some information is given in the form of matrices, with headings for rows as row1,row2 . Etc.For columns with headings as column1,column 2. Etc.those matrices r as follows.

Column1 column2 column3 column4

Row1 @ * 2 Z

Row2 S K ? $

Row3 I P Z +

Row4 # 8 F Q

Questons r as follows ( not same questions but same type)

1.if column1 , Column 4 r interchanged and row3 , row4 r interchanged and diagonal elements from top left to bottom right r written in reverse order then what is the element in row1 and column 1?

2.if Zs in odd numbered rows r replced with 7s and Ss in odd numbered columns r replaced with 5s then which column elements sum equals to 9?

3.After giving similar type of conditions , what is the element left to H?

In this section they gave around 4 matrices of this type and gave some questions for each matrix.

Total No. of Questions r 15. these r multiple choice questions.5 answers were given for each question. No negative marks for this section. Time Limit is 13 minutes.


All questions in this section r from number series. Total number of questions r 20.time limit is 4 minutes.these r also multiple choice questions( 5 options).Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.


Analytical type Questions . this secton is little bit tough.u must have practice to do this section.questions 12.time 15 minutes.Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.


time management is very very important. dont waste time on questions which needs calculations. First attempt direct questions only.

if there is no negative marking then attempt all questions.


After written test immediately they will give a topic.we have to write an essay on that topic within 15 minutes in 200 to 300 words.our topic is LIFE AT CAMPUS.


12 to 16 members in a group. time is 15 minutes.they gave us POVERTY IN INDIA.u have to speak something.otherwise u wont go to next round.dont give only intialisation or only conclusion.u have to be interactive throughout the session.other topics r MONEY MAKES IRRESPONSIBILITY,FOREIGN JOBS.


Next day means on 1st july thy conducted interviews.

The persons of IBM r very cool .Most of the questions for me r of General type and HR .

What is interrupt.

Interrupt handler.

By opening a MS-WORD document if u press A, what r the different things will be happened.will this interrupt the OS or processor.

What is the turning point in ur life.

Hobbies.i said news paper reading. We discussed a lot of time regarding politics in Andhrapradesh.

if u score good marks in written test,Essay writing,GD then ur interview will be shortened. So,be cool and confident ,then easily u can get.