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General - Interview CRR College - 26 May 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Interview CRR College - 26 May 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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hi friends, I have given the IBM paper today(26/5/2007) at CRR College,elurr.

The procedure follows: written test (with a essay) JAM TR HR

Its very easy to crack the paper,but the only thing needed is good time mangment.
The paper consisted of 4 sections:

Aptitude(venn diagrams,some quant) verbal(comprehensions,fill with appropriate words) technical(just 15 out of 55, these are too from unix,dbms,C++) and finally they asked us to write an essay on "Agriculture in INDIA"

And this was the major elimination round becoz out of 1,270 only 243 qualified written. And the results were announced 3hours later, and i got selected in the written, then they called us for group discussions,but they conducted JAM(just a minute) and the topic was "DO CRICKET OVERSHADES ALL OTHER GAMES"and this is very easy topic and some other pannels have given topics like"globalisation,films,outsourcing....etc"

and even in this out of 243 people only 181 could clear this round.

And on the next day they have conducted TR and HR.
Actually to say the IBM,s HR,s are very friendly,and they recieve us with  cute smiles on their faces which will make us to present ourself confidently.
now my technical interview goes like this,
ME: good morning sir.
SIR: A very good morning, how,s the day.
ME: its pretty sir.
SIR: fine,tell me about ur self.
ME: sir, my name is aparna and ............................;
SIR:what,s ur favorite subject.
ME: sir it,s "digital communications" as i am from ece.
SIR: alright then give me a brief idea about digital communications. i told sir about communications since the early stages and gave him a brief idea, and he posed some questions from what i have told him.   
SIR:how can u prove ur self to be more innovative?
i gave him some examples of my projects and my leader ship qualities.
SIR:which feild do u choose to work?
ME: I want to work in communications side.
SIR:if i give u the job of software engineer then..
ME: Sir, ............................