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IGate Placement Paper Hyderabad 5 May 2010 by I-Gate

Details of IGate Placement Paper Hyderabad 5 May 2010 by I-Gate conducted by I-Gate for job interview.
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hi everyone,
here is a question paper for amcat(hcl) wh i faced today...

question paper has 4 sections
3)analytical ability(25)
4)technical(8 q,s)

total time given : 107minutes

technical wasnt so tough....2 passages regarding technical (like java is found in the year 1999,by james on) and q,s from the passage only...
no need to worry about technical at all....

1) a bag contains 4 white balls,5 red balls, 6 black balls.what is the probability dat v select 3 red balls from the bag ?

Ans: 2/91 (wh i had got nd ans present in the options)

2) In a village dere r 8000 people.6% men and 10% women were added.den d population becomes 8600.what is the total no. of men present in village?

3) From the word ASPIRATION , what is the probability to select an vowel ?

4)Arrange the word CORPORATION in such a way dat all the vowels come together.wat is d probability ?

5)6,7,5,__,4,9.Fill the series.


7)log((a+b)/3)=0.5(loga+logb).wat is the relation between a and b?

8)a=2,b^2-1=ab.find log(a^3+b^3) to the base (a+b).

9)a bag contains 3 black balls,3 yellow balls.A girl picks a ball and place it back in the bag.wat is the probability dat she selects a lack ball always ?

10)A boy chooses a number x.He finds dat square of x is less than x.wat is the range of x ?
b)x0 and x