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IGate Placement Paper College Of Engeering GITAM 2 February 2010 by I-Gate

Details of IGate Placement Paper College Of Engeering GITAM 2 February 2010 by I-Gate conducted by I-Gate for job interview.
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Igate questions
English -20 verbal reasoning.
Reasoning -15
Quantitative -15
Fill in the blanks of objective type questions on articles-------a,an,the -3Q
On Prepositions1Q
Given Antonym -1Q-> Bilk - deceived (meaning) ----check the antonym in questions context.
Arrange the sentences in meaning ful passage very easy ---cross check with options.
Syllogisms ----2.Q
Visual ability---2Q.(very easy given 4 addresses of same , but we have to find small mistake in one of that ).
One passage consisting qusetions ---2Q.
Data interpretation ---one table is given ---3Q
Synonym -1Q
Topics from r.s. agarwal quant( each topic one question each)
Problems on age,
Profit or loss
Time and work
Time and distance
Problems on trains
Simple interest
Compound interest
Stocks and shares.
Quantitative : 30 questions
(I dont remember exact questions )
1Q on Problems on Ages : some difference of father and son is 15 ,given ages ratio at present ,and after three years -------- Ans: 47:11.
1Q on Problems on trains: two coramandal express one from kolkata and other from chennai and distance is given some 2500, and where they after travelling some distance ----------Ans:1500km
1Q on simple and compound interest: given principal amount,rate, time difference between simple and compound interest is-------------Ans : 49.

Questions in iGATE is written test is very easy but cut off is 40/50

another twist is that there are 4 sets in iGATE written test paper
Questions are same but may be question numbers are jumbled.

For English :
I feel this could be useful

iGATE-2010 campus selections in GITAM
Nearly 400 people have attended the written test ..60 got selected in it

---In my first technical round he asked about my self(say about strengths,positives,hobbies etcrather than academic details)he asked my eamcet rank,etcand my favorite subject(I said dbms)..he asked questions .i answered every question..he asked.
--He asked to write a programme ..i did it
--again about my resume contents..ppts ,hobbies,weakness etc(keep your as simple as possible but be perfect on your resume).
--[if you dont know anything ..say what you know ,but be confident]
--HE ASKED 4,5 questions on C,C++
--As usual abt my selfHe concentrated more on puzzles(all are from sakunthala devi ) .
---.he asked me 7 puzzleseasy but need to spontaneousI answered 6 puzzlessome of my friends faced questions on sql etc
---About myself
---He asked my performance rating in this interview in (0-8 scale)..i said 7..abt my parents,my background etc
---he also asked about my girl friends. .etc..etc he was very much impressed with my answer

Finally ,results are out and I am in18 got selectd from 60 students(6 cse,3ece,2 eee, 2 mca,3 eie,2 it)
Be thorough with your summer project,main project,paper presentations..
it is better to write about yourself in a paper before attending a campus.
to explain your answers ..make use of paper and pen in tr roundsdefinitely your TR will be impressed(as I did)..
make your TR to come in your own waystress the words which you know more about that wordthe TR will definitely asks about it..if he asks abt it ..hz on your way
Thats all friendsI hope my experiences will be useful .