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General - Other SGGS Nanded - 18 April 2007 by Tech

Details of General - Other SGGS Nanded - 18 April 2007 by Tech conducted by Tech for job interview.
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Hi I am Sumit Sunil Borhade from SGGS Nanded (MH). placed in Tech Mahindra due to GOD,s And My Parents, Blessings. Tech Mahindra come to our college on April 18,2007.

Candidates appeared for
Aptitude Test :- 210 (Approx.)
Aptitude cleared :- 30
Finally selected :- 13

1. Presentation of Company :- Listen the presentation of the company very carefully. They may ask few questions on ppt in TR and HR.
2 Online Aptitude test:- Do not panic about online test.Although there are 100 ques. to be answered within 1 hr,its very simple.Just be carefully about the time limit. Listen the instructions from the HR carefully before solving the test. Solve all the ques as there is no negative marking.

There were total 6 sections:-
1.Verbal Ability(35qs)
4.English I(10qs)
5.English II(10qs)
6.English III(10qs)
Solve the english section first and then solve section 3,2,1.That will be beneficial for you.

3.Technical Interview :-
TR :- Tell me about urself?
Me :- Bla Bla.
TR :- Tell me about mouse programming in C.(As I used mouse programming in my project.)
Me:- Explained briefly.
TR :- Difference between C and C++.
Me :- Explained clearly.

There were few basic questions reguarding DBMS. In technical interview TR asked me abt my strengths and weakness.
Where do u want to see yourself after 5 years?
Try to concentrate on your project. Don,t take any tension if you don,t have the projects.
Be confident and believe in yourself.
Near about 22 candidates cleared the aptitude test.

4. HR was there on April 19,2007 :-
HR :- Tell me about yourself.
Me :- Bla bla.
HR :- How will sell the drinking bottle?
Me :- Done the advertise with full of passion and enthusiasm.
HR :- Two good qualities in you why should I select you?
Me :- Explained my strengths and explained how they are useful to the organisation.