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Belgariah, Kolkata,19 December 2010 by RRB(Railway Recruitment Board )

Details of Belgariah, Kolkata,19 December 2010 by RRB(Railway Recruitment Board ) conducted by RRB(Railway Recruitment Board ) for job interview.
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1} During welding of two piece of cast iron
(a) we make the surface rough
(b) we provide inert gas to cover the joint rest two points i didn,t remember clearly

2} definition of MIG

3} Like what we call the Angle between the workpiece & cutting tool
a) rake angle
b) cutting angle & like so

4} Gas based power plants related to
a) Rankin cycle
b) otto cycle
c) carnot cycle & one more cycle

5} Thermal power plants uses
a) Rankin cycle
b) otto cycle
c) carnot cycle

There are some 8-10 question from basic mechanical & also from general computer knowledge

* The extension of bakup file
a) .BAK b) .BAC c) .Buc d) .BKU

Off course i didn,t remember all 150 question but some of the r as.

* We prefer DC motor over ac motor fro
A) variable speed control
b) for low speed
c) for high speed
d) for constant speed

* Why we use dummy coils in alternator
a) for mechanical balance of rotor
b) for high running speed
c) for high current.

* We use voltage source inverter when
a) source & load inductance are high
b) source & load inductance are low
c) source inductance is small & load inductance is high
d) source inductance is high & load inductance is low

* When diode is reverse biased
a) majority charge carriers flows
b) hole flows
C) electron & hole flows towards the junction
d) electron & hole flows awayfrom the junction

* Schottky diode is used when
a) Apllied voltage is high & frequency is low
b) Applied voltage & frequency both r high
C) Applied voltage is low freq. is high

*dc transformer
a) trnsistor
b) thyristor
c) chopper
d) cycloconverter

*On increasing length of antenna directive gain
a) increase
b) remains same
c) decreases
d) depends on other factors

* The minimum ground clearance of 220kv line
a) 5 meters b)7m c) 10 m D)12m

*What kind of insulator we use in 220kv line
a) shackle b)disc c)pin d)both pin & disc

*Which circuit give unity power factor
a) capacitive B) inductive c0 resistive d) LC circuit

* Klystron r used as microwave-----------
a) amplifier b) oscillator c)both am. & oscillator

*d fliop flop & t-filp-flop are used as
a) both dealy flip flopb) both toggel filp flop c)delay & toggel d) toggel & delay

apptitude questions

*what will be next in series 2,5,4,10,6,15,-,-
a)7,8 b)8,20 c)..

*3/16 of tank could be filled by pipe in 15 min the whole tank will get filled in
a)50 mins B) 60 mins C)65 mins D)70 mins

*a question on boat & stream still water speed & some other information given u need to find speed of stream

*2^x 2^y 2^z= 256
a)4 b)7 c)8 d)9

*1january 1983 was saturday the 1 january 1984
a)sunday b)moanday C) wednsday d)friday

some general knowldge
*a mammal which lay eggs
a)kangaroo b) blue whale C) platypus d).....

*winner of FIFA 2010 football world cup
a)spain b) argentina c)brazil d)OCTOPUS (ha haha)

*who was the chief guest of republic day 2010
a)lee mayank bak b) shiekh hasina c)bercluni d) nicholos sarkozy

* success is not final, failure is never fatal , are the words of
a)jawaharlal nehru b) indira gandhi c) winston churchill D0 subhas chardra bose

* 1st batel of panipant was fought b/w
a)ibrahim lodi & akbar b)ranasanga & ibrahim lodi C) .

*ain-a-akbari was written by
A)birbal B)abul fazl C) ibn batuta D)akbar