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Vasantdada Patil College Of Engg, Mumbai by PCS

Details of Vasantdada Patil College Of Engg, Mumbai by PCS conducted by PCS for job interview.
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About testpaper:

The test paper was not so simple but okay.

The test paper had quantitative, verbal, non-verbal, english & 3 tecnical questions

quantitative some question was repeated.
1. 3\4+4\3+2/3+. Something this questions was asked in Tech Mahindra also
Ans: 8/3

2 Cubes questiopn was asked

* English filling the blank to fill the verb.

He was homework

1 do 2 does 3 to do 4 doing.

* Synonyms, Antonyms

Some question related alphabet calculation replacing alphabets such as replace aby M and calculate the correct words.

Then questions such as
* Some animals are carnivorous
* Some herbivorous are animals of this type I don,t remember it. 3 Technical questions such as flow charts

Were given and we had to calculate the answer. One sub routine questions all were related to C, C++
After 1 hour results were annonced & my name was also there.

The interview was not there immediately it was after 1 1/2 week

On the interview day Feb 26th, 2010.

We were asked write an email it was not for elimination but a formal process to check our english then interview started.
Mine Technical+HR:

Questions were asked on C, C++, Data structure and for me questions. Were asked on written on mail

but some of my friends had only HR interview.
* Some had only technical.
* Some had questions on their project. So we cannot guess the interview questions.

The interview results were announced on march 5th, 2010 and I was selected.

All the best to you all and hoping to meet you in Patni

Don,t get get disappointed if you are not selected in any of companies opportunities are many one or the other company will take you even I couldn,t clear Infosys. TCS, Tech Mahindra & then Patni.

So don,t lose courage

All the best!