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SASTRA , Tanjore ,SASTRA , Tanjore by KPIT

Details of SASTRA , Tanjore ,SASTRA , Tanjore by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Aptitude ( 19 Q) -- There were Prob. on Train, Time & Work and other simple problems.( Follow R.S.Aggarwal - Quantitative )
English (30 Q) -- Five paragraphs ... three of them are very long ... simple but very time consuming.
Reasoning (41 Q) -- There ware Qs from Data Suffiency, Blood Relations, Puzzles, Binary Series .. Coding Decoding .. etc.( Follow R.S.Aggarwal - Verbal-Nonverbal )

Time-90 mins

There will be sectional cut off .. so concentrate on all verbal section dont spend too much time on first two passages.. better move frm last...

This is the main elimination round...1 or 2 out of 10( group) cleared this...just follow the general GD rules and tricks to clear this round

some of the topics wre
*Dont panic much abt the topics given.. just stay cool.. n speak boldly what u knw...
*Candidate who initiates and conludes the discussion will enjoy bonus points... so work out on this...
*Involve urself in discussion with group members rather than speaking to HR...

3) Technical & HR interview..
The best part of UST is u will be given full opportunity to explain abt urself..
* Int usually starts with the question TELL ME ABT URSELF!!
* If ur a non IT guy.. then make the best use of this question ... explain ur strengths and acheivements....
*For a non IT person there will be few basic questions on C programming... sometimes few simple apti n puzlle questions (General one. not frm any book!)
*Technical questions will be asked on Area of Interest u mention... so prepare well for ur fav subject...n few questions on ur projects...

for me int lasted fr abt 50 mins....

HR personnel were very friendly.... that was the best part abt it!!! so stay cool and try to give ur best!! 28 members were selected out of 700 odd people who appeared!!