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Whole Testpaper Pondicherry University - 23 March 2007 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper Pondicherry University - 23 March 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi friends, I am vivek doing MCA 4thsem from Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, belongs to PATNA , Bihar

First I would to like to thank this site and all those who share their experiences In my university INFOSYS came at 23 march total 700 student (university + affiliated college) appeared, total 84 cleared written and finally 47 got selected.

I also cleared all round but finally they consider AGE Limit. They are taking maximum 22 years old only. Anyway I got selected in Accenture next day (24 march).

In written there is 2 section
1: Verbal (English ) 40 question ( 35 min)
2: Aptitude -- 30 question (40 min)

No negative marking Here total cutoff was 37. There is also sectional cutoff 50%.

A 2 comprehension 5 ques each. Easy u can do it at least one u have to do. First is big second is little easy than first direct question. So first read the question and direct search answer in passage.

Find correct sentence 10 ques. One sentence will given and one part will underline then find what will be correct from given option.
For this refer "English is Easy BSC publication book chapter 14" it is very useful.
find correct/incorrect from 4 given statement 10 question. mainly grammar like article , preposition and tense.
Find inference from given short passage 10 question. easy.

English section is really easy if u work on grammar from .
1.English is Easy BSC publication book
2. Objective general English R S Aggarwal

Aptitude : 30 question 40 min
A one puzzle 5 question from R S Aggareal VERBAL-NON VERBAL book puzzle chapter, u solve this chapter then it is very easy. They have given me question of  There is six friend arun,sourabh,gaurav,kiran,,.,. And arun and gaurav play golf, Kiran and arun play cricket and golf both like this six game ..

Just to solve this draw table and u can solve it very easily.
One cube problem 5 question that is One cube of 3X3, then remove 1,3,5,7,9 column then painted then tell how many both side painted, all three side painted.
Data sufficiency 5 question.
Data interpretation ..-5 question very lengthy do it in last
Binary coded 5 question very easy . do it first
Then five question from predicate calculus, there are six statement given u have to search 3 related sentence.

And after written only HR interview no technical interview they will not ask single technical question actually written and interview both conducted by some agency mindtrack.

In interview be confident, cool, not aggressive and knowledge of current affair. Question are:
tell about your self.
your strength and weakness.
about ur college
Indian team
they asked me about my study gap

Then they gave me two puzzle (easy) I solve it both.
One is that In news Paper style suppose1st page no have 1 and it other part have 72 no. then 2nd page no have other end 71 page then what will page no on other end of 13. simple 1+72 = 73 , sum from both side will be equal so 73-13 = 60 is the answer.

Second is that a checker game two player is playing can it possible that both win equal no of game if they played total 5 game. And is yes if one game is draw and both win 2-2 match.