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Whole Testpaper CITM, Faridabad - 30 January 2008 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper CITM, Faridabad - 30 January 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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We are students of GNIT, Greater Noida..........We appeared in INFOSYS Campus recruitment at CITM, Faridabad on 30th January 2008 

We were asked to report at 8:00 am....... First of all Mr. Sudhir Mishra(INFOSYS) delivered a PPT at should definetely reach on the alloted time.  The PPT was really very should attend it.


A total of around 1100 students appeared in  the written started at around 12 pm.....

The written test was conducted in two phases......... 

1. Logical Reasoning(30 ques in 40 mins)  

The pattern was as follows:

ques 1-5: Puzzle

ques 6-10: Pictorial Reasoning

ques 11-15:Data Sufficiency

ques 16-20:Pie Chart

ques 21-25:Puzzle again Hi Friends............


ques 26-30:Syllogism 

I would suggest that pay additional attention to PUZZLES while preparation.

For this section R.S. Aggarwal would be sufficient.


2.Verbal Reasoning(40 ques in 35 min) 

the pattern was as follows:

ques 1-5: passage

ques 6-10: passage again

ques 11- 20 : choose correct sentenses

ques  21-30: fill in the blanks

ques 31-35: Correction of underlined sentence

ques  36-40 : passage conclusion(consult R.S aggarwal)



1.There was no negative marking

2.There was single set given to all the students

3.We were provided a single answer sheet which had separate column for both the sections,firstly we were provided reasoning section and after that ques paper was taken back,and after 5 mins, 2nd paper was given, we had to mark the answer in the same answer sheet.


Result of wriiten test was declared around 6:00pm. 71 students were selected from out of 200 students appeared from our college.

We dont have information about other colleges.


We both were selected.Our name was called successively. Only students from our college were interviewed on the same day. Others were called next day. 

Immediately after the result was declared we were called for the 2nd and final round, HR Interview.


There were 6 panels: I was sent to panel 1


The conversation : 

Anand: May I come in sir!

HR: yes


Then I handed over my CV to him. 

Anand: Good evening Sir!

HR: Have a seat!

Anand: Thank you Sir!

HR: Tell me about yourself apart from wat u hav written here

Anand: I answered

HR: Tell me about news of last month

Anand: I told him 3-4 news

Hr: Hav u read any book apart from your syllabus?

Anand: yes....One Night @ call centre by Chetan Bhagat

HR: any other?

Anand: yes sir.....plays by shakespeare 

HR: who were  the main  charcters ?

Anand: I answered

HR: Do u hav any weakness

Anand yes, I m a Workaholic person

HR:Then y is a drop in ur percentage?

Anand: I answered


He smiled at my answer! 

HR: Do u wanna ask any ques from me?

Anand: Sir, Is there any need to do any kind of homework b,fore joining INFOSYS?

HR: No... thats all!


at the same time Ankush,s interview was going on in Panel 6 

The conversation:

Ankush: may I come in sir?

HR: yes,

HR: have a seat mr.ankush

Ankush: thank you mam

HR: give me ur cv

HR: tell me about urself

Ankush: I replied,

HR: why so much downfall in ur percentage in cls 12th

Ankush: I replied

She smilled at my answer

HR: why dont u  want to join ur brothercompany WIPRO, wht INFOSYS

(while telling about myself,I told her that my elder brother is in wipro)

 Ankush: I replied.

HR:tell me about ur achievements?

Ankush: I replied and she got impressed.

HR: Tell me about news of last month

Ankush : I told her  2  news.

HR: DO u read newspaper

Ankush: sometime mam,

HR: then how do you update yourself

Ankush: I replied.

HR: solve this puzzle

Ankush: I couldnt solve that.

HR:  Do u wanna ask any ques from me?

ankush: mam, Is there any need to do any kind of homework b,fore joining INFOSYS?

HR: no


Thats all.


There was no seperate technical Interview but you should prepare bascics of your engineering trade.


For HR Round You should definetely brush up current affairs......You shud know the

1. news of latest month( including International, Financial and sports)

2. You shoul be aware of the name of the ministers and all that

3. You should be having perfect and very deep knowledge of the topic that you are discussing with your HR.

for example..........if you said u read newspaper daily, suppose u answer The Times Of  India .......u shud know even the name of its publishing house.

suppose u say u watch or play football.............then u shud know the name of the clubs, international and national players plus their profile.....rules of the game....dimensions of the field....etc

Result of Interview was declared at  around 11 pm.........45 students from our college were selected.......we two were among them


We all started screaming........shouting.

We would consider it as best day of our life till date.

Thanx to GOD, Our parents, Our teachers, Our Friends......