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Latest Paper At NIT Surat On 14th May, 2007 by Infosys

Details of Latest Paper At NIT Surat On 14th May, 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Category (Placement Paper or Interview Experience): Placement Paper
Date Conducted: 14 May 2007

Details of the two papers are as below:
Paper 1: (30 marks, 30 minutes duration)
This paper consisted of logical and reasoning questions. First 5 questions were based on a statement which stated that a cube is painted with 3 different colors on opposite faces and it is cut into 5 equal parts. You need to calculate: i) No. of cubes with 3 sides painted, ii) No. of cubes with no sides painted and so on. Next 5 questions were easy and based on non verbal reasoning. A set of figures were given and you need to find out the missing figure. Next 5 questions were from data interpretation with a table of data. This too was easy. Next 5 questions were based on data sufficiency and a good knowledge of geometry helped me to solve them. Next set of 5 questions were related to blood relations and it is advisable to draw tree diagram to solve them quickly.
Paper 2: (40 marks, 35 minutes duration)
This paper consisted of English and I found it quite tough. First 2 sets of questions were based on 2 paragraphs one big and another small. In the third set of questions, it was required to correct the phrases. This followed Fill in the blank type questions. Next, 4 statements were given and it was asked to form a meaningful paragraph. In the last set of questions, a sentence was given and you need to choose from the 4 options in which way it can be re-written.
In the interview, they started by admiring good scores in the written test. They enquired about family. After some questions on academics, he asked 3 puzzles:
1. If you have 3 daughters and each daughter has a brother, how many kids do you have altogether?
2. There is a 12 feet long pole whose shadow is 3 feet long. If the height of pole is increased, will its shadow length increase or decrease?
3. If you are working in a process industry and you have been informed about scheduled power cut (4, 8,6,6,6 hours on each weekday) starting from next Monday, how will you handle it?