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General - Other Marian College Kuttikanam,kerala - 3 March 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Other Marian College Kuttikanam,kerala - 3 March 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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I am a 2006 Passout i attended Infosys in 3rd march at Marian College Kuttikanam,Kottayam Abt the Test they changed the pattern. I failed in the test,but am giving my experience.
Test consists of Two parts
1.Aptitude(Reasoning)- 30 questions 40 minutes
2.English                 - 40 questions  35 minutes

1-5.A puzzle frm R.S Agarwal Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning just go thrgh "Puzzle test" chaptr
6-10.Series questions set of figres wre given you hve 2 find the Odd one Out frm the series.(bit tuff)
11-15.Data Sufficiency prpre frm R.S agarwal Verbal and Non verbal reasoning
16-20.Data Intrepretation - Very my question paper two  tables cntain the deatils of compny  which produce s/w and h/w and thre total revenue etc.set of 5 qstions wre given.(attnd if u hve engh time)
21-25.p and q play cricket,p and s play football, q and r play hockey like 5 cnditions wre gven find who play max. game? which one play footbal and crickt? etc. (No prepration needed 4 this type of qstins)
26-30 usual Syllogism stdy 9 rules frm R.S agarwal thts engh.

It was a tuff section 4 me( need sme prepartion) it contain 2 RCs vry lng essay and 10 qstions regarding the essay.
thn Correction of sentences 10 qustions anther 10 qustions on find the conclusion frm  small pargraph. thts all i  Remmebr.....