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General - Other MAIT, New Delhi - 17 March 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Other MAIT, New Delhi - 17 March 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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I am Pulkit Gupta, 6th semester studentof Information Technology branch of GPMCE affiliated to IP university,Delhi. I gave infosys on campus test for freshers on 17th, 18th March.2007, and cleared it. total 1500 students came from different colleges of IP univ and finaaly 170 were selected out of 220 shortlisted for HR interview(very low percentage for infy).the paper was tough especially english section.
Let me thank this site first for giving me a guidance and opportunity to get placed at Infosys. To start with, let me tell u one thing. The selection procedure of Infosys (New Pattern) is not that easy compared to previous pattern(quiz) and you have to work a little harder(especially for english as it is totally CAT pattern and time management is the key to crack infosys) to ensure that u r placed. More over, your luck also plays a major part. Let me describe the selection procedure and my experiences. I think it might help you to focus in a correct direction .

The Selection Procedure had three phases:
PPT presentation on INFOSYS made by the head of the HR recruiting team
Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning
HR Interview

In the morning (around 10 am), after the arrival, u will be exposed to a ppt presentation on Infosys. I am sure that this will motivate enough to get placed at Infosys.

Next, we were allowed to disperse and we were allotted rooms for our test. After we are settled in our rooms, we were given an application form to fill it up(if u have anyone in infosys,write it as reference it may help you in HR). The instructions to fill the application form will be announced prior. Be careful in filling those forms and provide accurate statistical data of your marks as far as possible.

Next comes the Aptitude test. It was started at 11.50 am. The time limit for aps is 40 mins within which u have to complete 30 q,s. The aptitude session consists of the following sub groups.
 A puzzle and 5 objectives based on the puzzle.
5 Problems on finding the next figure in the series.
5 Problems on data Sufficiency( Little tricky)
Data Interpretation: A bar graph was given and 5 questions followed it.(mine was an easy one) but dont do it first, keep it for the end it takes time.
Once again a puzzle which is little tough as compared to the previous one with 5 questions  followed it
Last 5 questions on logical arrangment.

1 puzzle was: Exam is to be held between Monday to sunday. There is 1 holiday in between papers. 9 papers were: english, hindi, math, history, civics geography, biology, physics, chemistry.
Conditions were:
1) exams will start either on sunday or wednesday with biology and no other paper will b there on that day.
2) Geography paper can be followed by 1 other paper but not on Monday.
3) Hindi & English cannot be accompanied by others.
4) Saturday is a half day and sunday is after the holiday.
5) Number of papers before holiday is less than that after the holiday.

5 questions were there like:
1) when the exams start??
a) Sunday       b) Wednesday c) Monday          d) Friday  
ans: b) Wednesday

2) when is the holiday?
a) Sunday       b) Friday    c) Saturday        d) Thursday    
ans: b) Friday

rest i dont remember but the sequence was like this
sol: Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday    Sunday   Monday   Tuesday
biology     history     holiday   English      Hindi   civics    geography   physics     maths    chemistry 

1 question i remember of data sufficiency was: i suggest do data suffiency from rs aggarwal quantitative book because dey wont ask u theoritical questions so go thru ques on data sufficiency at the back of each chapter.

Find the area of quadilateral ABCD.a right angled quadilateral figur was given.
1) AC=5
2) BC=13
ANS was b) both are required to find the area 

sorry friends i dont remember all questions as they were too long. After 40 mins they collected the question paper for aps and gave us verbal(english) q paper. Here is where u have to put more effort. The verbal part is very tough as compared to aptitude. If u are strong at basic grammar (particularly tenses and phrases) u will have this cleared.

There will be 40 q,s which u have to finish in 30 mins. Time management is very much essential here. The pattern of this question is:
2 Passages (R C) followed by 5 q,s each. The first one was easy( mine was on womens, i didnt read it but it expressed the positive aspect of women, i answered on this basis only) and the second one was little tough( i didnt even got the time to look at it, do not leave any question attempt all) .
Selecting the correct option which is grammatically correct from the available four options.
fill in the blanks type questions
Replacing the underline phrases with suitable ones( phrases were too long so were the options, time consuming)
Deriving conclusion from small passages(tricky one).

For english, you can refer any CAT material like CL,ims etc. and prepare well for it, dont take it lightly as it is the main eliminating section in written test, aptitude is easy. in our case, 220 were shortlisted out of 1500 for interview n english section played a major part int it).

Remember friends the preset cut-off of infy,s test is 15 out of 30 for aptitude and 20 out of 40 for english and these dont vary with performance. If all students get more than 50% in test, all are selected and if no one gets it, then no one is selected.

The tests are over by 1 pm. the results were be announced by 9.30 pm. There were 1500 students appeared for test and 220 were shortlisted for HR round which held next day.

HR round:
it is of 20 minutes per person on an average. Try to drive the interview to ur field of interest(personal profile) to maximum time so that he gets less time to interview you as they ask u to leave after 20 minutes sharp, they have a clock in front of them.

Prepare some questions in advance like:
1) your introduction. Finish the answer conciously on to ur field of interest as next question will be from ur last line of the answer.
2) strengths and weakness. say the weakness that looks like your strength, dont say m emotional, less patient,hot tempered. you may say that i become irritated when my teammembers do not work efficiently. it looks like a strength.
3) role model. it would be great if u say ur father or mother as this reflects your honesty, dont say person from the company like Mr. Murthy, it looks fake.
4) Hobbies. u should know everything about it like if u say reading then he may ask u about todays headline or latest novels in market or anything related to reading.
5) your objective. dont repeat the line written in ur resume.twist it and then say.
6) 1 question about the company.

now i will tell my experience there were 15 panels from different colleges of Delhi university(infy members dont take freshers interview).
I was allotted to a gent HR who was really experienced and may be english professor. Confidence and smiling face is the key to clear HR round.
he asked me to fill the attendance sheet. I didnt wrote the time of my interview n then he told me to write it as 1:25pm. then asked me wat is PM in 1:25 pm.i didnt knew. so friends dont give him any chance to ask u such questions.

then he asked me about my reference( my brother in infosys). Then he asked me 2 puzzles. he asked me to find the volume of the sprite bottle kept there(300ml). it didnt strike me and then he gave me various hints and then i said 300ml but i kept on trying, smiled in between.
after that he gave me a puzzle:

 F O R T Y
   + T E N
   + T E N
=S I X T Y
Find the value of each alphabet. i solved it. ans was N=0, e=5.
They just see if u are trying or not. Never say "i dont know" in the first place, just keep trying and he will himself change the question after 2-3 minutes.

Then he asked me tat do I have any question? Aways ask some question never say i dont have any and the question concerning the company. i asked why infosys has most of its centres in south india only? the question should be such that reflects your concern towards the company. 

He answered me tat it is too early to concerned abt those issues and he commented that it was a very good qn and he liked my attitude. Then he asked me to check my mails regularly( which is an indirect sign tat I got placed). Then he wished me for my bright future.. I came out with confidence.

The results were announced by 7pm. I was very happy to hear that I got selected. 170/220 were selected. They have a pattern, they were selecting 75% of students from each college on an average.