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General - Other GMRIT College, Rajam, Vizag - 19 May 2007 INFOSYS PAPER ON 19th MAY by Infosys

Details of General - Other GMRIT College, Rajam, Vizag - 19 May 2007 INFOSYS PAPER ON 19th MAY by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi INFI aspirants!


We had INFOSYS off-campus drive on 19th may at GMRIT College , Rajam. Abt 680 students attended, from 5 colls . We were 150 from our coll Vignan Intitute of Information Technology.


It started wid a pp abt INFOSYS.

Before the written test, we had to fill a form. Be careful not to round off ur %s.  Basic details were asked .. marks, coll, eye sight, passport.. dont make any mistakes.Carry at least 4 passpt.size photos and 3 resumes (pic stuck; ur sign with date n place).


The Recruitment process has just two rounds:

1. Written test.

2. HR interview.


Written test

Coming to the written test, it has two sections:

Logical Reasoning 30 Questions (45 min). Communicative English 40 Questions (30 min).

ts pretty easy to crack the logical reasoning paper if u can prepare a few topicsall from the book verbal and non-verbal reasoning- R.S.Aggarwal .


My paper

5Q on cubes.

There were some statements detailing about colors on a cube, we should use them to analyze and answer some qs. Carry an eraser so that u can use it as a cube to answer this faster.

5Q - picture problems (identifying the odd one in a series).

5Q data sufficiency.         

5Q data interpretation.

         Ull find this topic in R.S.Agarwal Quant booklast chapter.

5Q puzzle test.

         Very confusingneeds  lot of analysis and practiceconsumes significant time.

5Q syllogisms.

       Ull find this in chapter -1 of unit -2. There will be 9 rules, this is a bit tough. Work out the exercises, ull sense the usual pattern in answering them.


Now, about the English paper, theres no specific bookif u have a habit of reading books, it really helps. I didnt prepare for this, but could do well.

10Q - Two reading comprehensions (big, small). Its strictly advisable to do them in the end. I just had 7 min to do this.. u dont have to read the whole passage to answer the qs. A quick glance is enough. Smaller RC had reasoning qs so u must read itbut the bigger one had direct qs.

7Q completion of sentences.

7Q fill the appropriate word.

10Q correction of sentences (tenses r tested).

6Q paragraph inferences (a para is given and qs were asked abt it).

10Q choose the correct sentence (a bit confusing, a couple of them seemed too similar).


I answered all the qs in order, except RC, which I did at last.  

Everybody can answer all the Qs if given ample time.TIME MANAGEMENT is the success mantra. English paper is considered first, LR paper is evaluated only if u cross the cut-off.  There is lot of elimination in written.only some 120 could clear, out of 680.


HR interview

Usually INFOSYS does not have any technical round, but out of the 6 panels we had.. one panels HR asked technical qs. Technical test in INFI is rare.

One common Q in all panels was Speak about a topic (any) for 2 min.


The HR examines the written papers, resumes and app. form filled earlier of the candidate before he/she enters the room. He, by the time u enter, analyses the candidate n decides how he/she needs to be tackled.


Regarding mine

Me: May I come in sir?

HR: yes come in.

Me: good evening sir

HR: good evening take ur seat.

HR: well Roopa.. wat is ur father.wat is his work at steel plant (he is working there).

Me: blah blahI told him..

HR: so u r from IT let me ask u some qs relating to IT. He asked me some qs relating to OS and microprocessors.

Im well acquainted abt these topics, so cud answer well. He kept helping if i missed some points.


He asked me to speak abt a topic . I started a topic but he interrupted and said that I should be strong abt the aim of the topic. as his choice, he asked me to speak abt the then Punjab disputes or Presidential electionswhen he saw me feeling uncomfortable.. asked me if I could speak abt indiscipline in my coll.. I could do this pretty well.


I first started wid the various kinds of indispl actions why they r unacceptable. Some measures to keep a check on them. Finally abt indiscipline in my coll in a positive tone.


I had to handle a case study:

Mr. Smarty is a member of a team, working on a project in a software company.

U r part of the team. Smarty is the person who mediates between the client and the team..but he keeps changing the preferences conveyed by the clientas a result the team is unable to start the work. Is Smarty edgy?

HR: wat kind of person is he ..

Me:  he is uncertain and edgy.

HR:  Wat would u suggest to solve this..

I gave him three answers..out of them the apt one, which he wanted was. I shall escort him, when he meets the client and then discuss wid the other team members for a collective opinion on the preferences, to start the project. He looked satisfied.

He lastly asked if had any queries.. I asked some qs regarding the growth of infi and about its CMM levels..

HR:  thank u roopa.u can leave.


While answering any Q, the HR measures Learnability, he keeps hinting abt wat he wants actually simple puzzles were also asked in some panels. Have clear ideas abt hobbies, strengths and weakness (n wat u write in ur resume)we need to be ready with an explanation.


Finally, from our college..21 got selected out of 50.


LUCK plays an important role in any recruitment process.

I firstly thank my parents n friends for their unconditional support secondly my coll, for the crt classes...and this websitefor making me an INFOSCION. I wish all my Batchmates, GREAT SUCCESS in the near future.!!!


I hope my contribution really helps