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General - Interview SRMCEM, Lucknow - 26 April 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Interview SRMCEM, Lucknow - 26 April 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hello Gal Friends
I m Mazher Mahmood from Northern India Engg. College Lucknow. Here in LKO Infosys have visited SRMCEM on 26th of April .Students from 10 Colleges Have Come For Campus. 

The Written Test was consisting of 2 papers:-
1. Aptitude Test (30 questions in 40 mins)
2. Verbal Test (40 questions: 35 minutes)

Paper # 1 was simply based on simple reasoning and aptitude questions:-5q from Syllogism,5q from Figure series,5 q were from puzzle test from R.S.Agarwaal,5 q based on averages (A passage were given & we have to answer the 5 q)5 q on data sufficiency..5 question from Average speed and distance

I Have attempted 24 qs. From 30 questions.

Paper # 2 was a little bit tough. those who are from ISC Board need not to worry. But also don t take it lightly as only 35 minutes have been provided 4 it. Time Management is also necessary .But friends from U.P. Board n other Regional boards can consult he CAT material of TIME, career launcher{I was also from U.P. Board} The Paper consisted of 2 bulky passage and consisting of 10 q (5 q per passage).Dont dare to do it in the beginning as it will kill your ample of time. After that there were 5q form 4 choices were being provided and we have to choose the most logically correct sentence.

After that there were qs from Correction of sentences. After that there were qs from..Inference Writing etc..I have done 35 question form 40.

By 4:30 in the evening the results were announced .The have decided to take the interview on the very same day. By 6:30 in the evening the HR Interviews started I was a little bit nervous but building myself I entered the room..

HR: So Mazher take ur seat.
ME Thank you sir! (Then he offered me a piece of paper and asked me to Write my name and to do my Signature. Then he asked me to sign in URDU {As I was a Mohhamedan}I have Done that and described each n every letter of Urdu to him) .

HR: So Mazher it seems from ur performance that u have worked hard for the written test. But what preparations do u have made for he Interviews?
ME: Sir to gain Confidence and Tackle nervousness I have taken the help of Meditation

HR: Which kind?
ME: Sir I regularly practice yoga..

HR: Which kind of yoga? Can you name some of them?
ME; Sir I practice the asans of BABA Ramdev like KAPALBHARTI aasan.(I have asked him for the permission and in the interview room on the seat I have given him a demo in front of him. HE was smiling .OK)

HR: What is ur career goal
ME: Sir I want to grow my skills in a big software company..

HR: Which Qualities one should have for being a good software Engr.?
ME: Group skills, Confidence, Good communication skills, hard working..

HR: What does the name Mazher mean?
ME: Sir which is in the stories and which is being discussed by the people. In short famous.

HR: Mazher how many times do you offer NAMAZ in a day?
ME: Sir two times..But whenever I get my time I practice it five times a day..

HR: Give me your CV  Tell something about your family background.
ME answered

HR: Here is a puzzle for you
ME Solved it within 1 minute..As I have practiced a lot this kind of questions.

HR: Have you ever involved in any group activity?
ME: Sir as, a part of our syllabus we have MINI projects. I have worked with 4 of my friends. and also.I described the whole project in front of him.

HR: Fine now ask any question from me?
ME: asked questions about Future plans..

HR: Any other questions?
ME: SIR how I m presenting in front of you.

Smiling: you are having good personality.For rest others you will have to wait for the Results  OK best of luck 4 the results
Thank you sir..

My interview Continued for about 30 minutes. As it was a good experience so I was about 90% confident.
BE confident.
Dont get nervousPractice thro Mock interviews with your friends, seniors
Maintain decency
Dont ask any rubbish questions if you are asked to ask any question likeWHAT would be my Pay scale???
Practise good quality English conversation
Dont reply on that domains which are not of your concern. like I LIKE MOTORACING..then he will going to as what will be the size of  tyre of a F1 car.
Aware about the Current affairsAs it are frequently asked.
Add a little smile to your answers as it will support you.

Alright By 9:30 in the evening the results were out. I was Lucky enough to be selected It was really a memorable event.. my head was among the stars. surely this kind of occasions come once in blue moon.

I owe my success to blessings of my parents, encouragement by teachers and my seniors& cooperation by my friends..So dont loose hope is the moral of the story Keep faith in GOD>He will surely gift u.

I would also like to thank FRESHERSWORLD.COM this is just like a BOON for the freshers. I hope my experience will help a lot of my friends across d country, hope well meet at INFOSYS.