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Aptitude - General Punjab Engineering College,Chandigarh - 11 September 2007 by Infosys

Details of Aptitude - General Punjab Engineering College,Chandigarh - 11 September 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi friends...........                          I am Yuvraj Agnihotri from Punjab engineering college,Chandigarh. I am selected for Infosys,so i jst want to share my experience and knowledge wid u ppl ,wch will help u a lot if u r interested in joining this cmpany.

Frankly speaking, its not such a rocket science, it is only the hard work for a day or two... and u r selected.



1) Written paper

2) Interview



1) Now,written paper is divided into two parts.. mainly Aptitude and Verbal ability.

    Aptitude                ------ 30 Questions------ 40 minutes

    Verbal ability(VA) ------ 40 Questions------ 35 minutes

---> Our "Aptitude" paper was above average level,I mean,it was a bit time consuming. Actually it was a good aptitude paper.

I selected easiest of questions first and answerd thm.. thn accordingly, I solved some more,in order of their increasing difficulty level. but frankly speaking,I was able to solve about 16-18 questions in the regulation time. Rest I made guesses( always do it,if negative marking is not thr). U will clear the cut off without mch difficulty,if u hv genuine understanding. Other option is read R.D.Sharma(i hd nt read it).


Then our "Apti"  paper was taken,and "VA" Q. paper ws given to us.


---> Now,this paper consist of 2 reading comprehensions & rest Sentence making & Simple grammer.

I attempted reading comp. in the end as they r generally time consuming and less scoring. So,first do the easy part,then the difficult one. This paper was comparitively easier than previous one. No need to do extra to clear this one.


**NOTE--- Each paper hs its individual cut-off.



After 1.5 hrs,our results wer out. Out of  110 students,about 73 wer shortlisted for inerviews.


2) We hd 6 panels in total. One person in each panel. Interviews r basically of HR type. Whr u will b asked to describe urself,abt the newspaper u read,something related to ur interest,may be some puzzles(not tough) etc.

My interview ws basically the "stressed" one type. Whr I ws put under sme sort of pressure(rude behaviour etc,it depends on ur luck and panel). My hobby ws music and singing,so i ws asked abt music and even to sing a song(wch i sung well..) .

overall,it ws a typical HR interview.

If u hv confidance,u will clear it easily. Be cool during interview (sp during solving a puzzle). My interview ws a stressed 15 min HR interview. (All other panals were relatively cool and calm.)