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Whole Testpaper BITS,Warangal - 2 June 2007 by IBM

Details of Whole Testpaper BITS,Warangal - 2 June 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Hai friends I am Niranjan

I have been selected for IBM IN CAMPUS PLACEMENT conducted at BITS, Warangal ,A.P ON 2nd JUNE 2007. A total of 1406 students appeared 4 written test and around 220 were selected in written.

We were asked to write the ESSAY along with written test .Written test was started around 10.30 AM and ended around 12 noon which comprised of ESSAY also. Results were anounced around 3.00 PM.

GDs for 220 students started around 3.30 PM and ended at 5 PM I think so. Results were anounced at 6 PM and 164 were selected in GD.

They held INTERVIEWS on next day .There were no results after tech interview many of the students were directly forwarded to HR and some of them were rejected and they told them this directly. All the interviews were completed at 4PM . They announced the final results and 79 students were selected atlast.

WITH GODS GRACE I WAS ONE OF THEM. Let me explain u each phase in detail

1,.2) ques on prepositions
3) nearest meaning of apathetic
a) .. b) sympathetic c)indifferent d)inattentive
4) did not agree him.(ans is with)
a)at b)to c)with d)by
5) _ clown of that circus became famous for his antics.(article)
6-10 a RC on pollengrains, reproduction in flowers thru bees something like that

This was the easiest RC I have ever seen in any companys written test.

B.APTITUDE(25 marks):
It consisted of 25 questions believe there was not even a single question from objective arthmetic(ie, trains, boats&streams ,time &distance etc .Please dont waste ur time in preparing 4 arthmetic)

Almost all the ques r 4m VERBAL REASONING only (RS AGGARWAL is more than enough)
1-5) out of 600 students 536 have credit cards (AMEX,MASTER ,VISA CARDS).(a bit hard try this section with inter 1st year maths(A.P))
Draw the venn diagram with 3 circls intersecting
1)How many had MASTER card
2) How many had only MASTER card
3)How many had VISA card
4) How many had only VISA card
5) How many had AMEX card

I think difference betn 1 & 2 answers is 41 and 3 &4 is 21( have a wise guess its easy then)
Three ques on DIRECTION SENSE (easy)6 . A person starts behind is house which faces to east and walks 50m an turns left walks 100m in wht direction he is from his house.

7. If NORTH is SOUTH-WEST then SOUTH-EAST is (ans is NORTH)
8. I dint remember5 ques on DATA SUFFIENCY(think well then it is easy)

5 QUES on if $ is 1 and * is 0 (just binary representations) then
444 is represented as
125 is represented as
So on Remaining questions were on BLOOD RELATIONS ,PROBLEMS ON AGES etc

3 Questions were asked on below pattern

Find any dissimilarity. a)234222272451  b) 23422272451  c)234222272451 d) 2342272451 Strings are given as a. 66749384879456                   b. 6674934879456       c.  6674934879456 a)CCBDABBC b)CCBDABBC c).. d)

3 Questions on if + stands for * ,/ stands for - ,* stands for / and / stands for + then Find the value of given expressionsRemaining 4 questions are on a case study A person is eligible for a job if passed his degree in Science with aggregate over 60% and willing to pay a bond of RS 2 lakhs for 2 years ..

If the person fails to satisfy any of mentioned criteria then he has to report Manager or Administrative officer

D . TECHNICAL(10 marks)
3 questions are from C (easy) 3 questions from DBMS (very tough) 3 questions are from unix(easy 4 comp students) I didnt remember the missing question sorry(I think its 4m OS)

Thats it 4 written test RS AGGARWAL(VERBAL REASONING) and any elementary English Book 4 grammar all the above 2 days before exam is more than enough to crack IBM WRITTEN That is what I had and what I did.

Topic was "EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR HEALTH" We were given 15 mins just after written and asked to write in not more than 200 words

After we entered the room all the rules were changed it was not a GD but just like JAM. We were 11 in group and each of us was given 3mins to speak on the topic along with our introduction. Panel members were free with us they havent stopped any of us though we ran out of time .

They want u speak .Thats it. Our topic was "ENGINEERS SHUDNT ACCEPT JOBS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES" 9 out of 11 were selected in GD from my group.

U cant distinguish tech and HR in IBM both go on same lines Sir : tell me abt ur self me : ..

He asked me 3 case studies .I have answered it confidently. Hobbies and Goals ? Interested subjects? OS and C what is Virtual Memory can u change the size of VM on comp if so how? I have explained him wht is VM and how we can change it in XP . Here is where I hit my first arrow into his heart.

2 quest on DBMS just queries but I was clean bold by those 2 quest but I pretended as if I know it and trying hard to get it . Even interviewer helped me a lot but I cudnt.But I made my mark already. I infered two things in case studies TEAM WORK and NEVER GIVE UP which I implemented in later part of my interview. To get through tech one shud possess

1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS with min TECH Skills 2. very high TECH stuff 3.mesmarism I used 3 and 1

5 HR
They ask u gen quest abt ur self and what do u know abt ibm? Don t say what u heard from ur friends say wht u know truly , I was caught on similar basis later on I recovered and replied in my own way what I know abt ibm from roots .At the end of i/w I was asked a tech quest what is diff betn class and object? I have answered it in very general way he was amazed at the ans to that quet .Ill make one thing clear to u ,Please put the interviewer in conversation and let him know that ur good at communication ,creat a context to speak .many of u thinking how can we? Every interviewer will be asking u Any questions to me ? there u r. prepare a bunch of questions for him before u go to interview.Be sharp ,walk dynamic have a smile on face, take as much liberty as u can dont get tensed,talk confident ,TIMING is very very important ,be spontaneous ,put ur true character in front of interviewer and let him know wht u r