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General - Other - Past Example 4 by IBM

Details of General - Other - Past Example 4 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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IBM Latest paper

  There are 2 sections Aptitude and technical . Each Comprises of 20 qs


1)two clocks meet at 12.Next time they meet again after

Ans 65.452)Soldiers form a square .Initially 32 soldiers left.Then 8 .After they could not form a square.Total at the beginning options 100,81,49,67

 3)Age of Grandfather is the ages of 4 grandchildren where their ages are in consective.Find the age of GF. I think 72

 4)3 person waiting for the train Some conditions given.Finally they ask the time.

Ans is 4.37

 5)Some Squirrel qs where it covers 1/4 th distance then 1/2 i couldnt remember

 6)if mpown=121. Then m-1pown+1 is 1000

 7)if speed  in the ratio 5:4:3 then the time taken to cover the same distance is

 8)20men construct a wall 56m in some days similar one

ans 49 (check aggarwal)


 char *p=(char *)10


Running time of 8T(n/2)+q is ncube

Scope of static and automatic var 2qs

nodes in binary tree of length 4 is 15(2pown -1)

how to convert 2d array to single dimension

options are

1.convering a row 2 colunm 3 or both in to o,s comments-for documentaion or it increases file size

like that.u have toi choose the correct one