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Whole Testpaper Shreds, Cochin, Kerala - 21 November 2006 by I-Gate

Details of Whole Testpaper Shreds, Cochin, Kerala - 21 November 2006 by I-Gate conducted by I-Gate for job interview.
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hi friends !!!

i wrote the igate xm on 21 nov 06 frm shreds ,cochin,kerala.

the test consisted of 15 aptitude questions to be solved in 30 mins.

3-4 questions were simple.others were little hard.

cutoff was high.they shortlisted 98 frm 800 for gd...

here are the questions that i remember

1)complete series 1010,738,222,?( actually i think question was wrong bcoz 272 hav to b there instead of 222)

2)alphabet question like if donkey=ec.... then diamond=?repalce word in order

3)121:22=169:? (26,square root*2)

4)if a boy travel with 5/6th of usual speed,he,s late by 10 mins.wats the usual time(solve using two equations)

5)a pbm of mixtures(5% sugar in 20 lt solution etc)

6)70%passd in eng,65% in mat.27%failed in both.248 passd in both.find total no of students(let it b (70*x/100+65*x/100+27*x/100)=x-248)

7)rahul/raj=7:17.raj/ajay=7:17.if rahul has 260 rs then ajay has how many rs?)

8)an average pbm like a batsman scores 90 runs in 10th innings )

9)one incresed 20 % costprice and made 10% discount.wats actual profit %)

10)310 increased to 350.then decreased 50.wats % increase and decrease)

11)compund intrest for 2 years at 3% is 101.5.find simple intrest

12)a&b=sisters.r&p=brothers.a,s daughter is r,s sister.then how is b related to p

13)time work pbm.a can do in 11 days,b in 12 days .a+b+c got 645 rs .like dat)