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Old Paper 2 - Technologies General - Interview by HCL

Details of Old Paper 2 - Technologies General - Interview by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
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35 Aps question 20 Technical questions

Aps was almost logical and one or two sums on quants. (Prepare logical deduction, blood relation, seating arrangements, pbs on ages, percentage, time and work, time and distance)

Technical was based on C, C++, and some questions on networks, os, and ds.

Had section wise cut off and negative marking



Why HCL? Questions on my area of interest. Difference bet TCP/UDPand which is better? Whether tcp/udp is reliable? Asked to choose any one like C, C++, Java. I said C++ So, Num>>2(num value given and asked the o/p) A prog and its o/p. What is port.. Socket? Where we use port..     Inheritance and its types Polymorphism If extern is used within private what will happen. Types of networks. Extranet? Using static, extern keywords many questions were asked..