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Northern India Engineering College - 12 February 2007 by HCL

Details of Northern India Engineering College - 12 February 2007 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
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Im about 2 share my experience of HCL technologies recruitment drive held on 12th February,2007 at Lucknow . this was d first company coming 2 our collg so I was not so confident dat Il make it!! My branch is Electronics n communication..(6th sem)

Venue: Northern India Engineering College (BBD GEI)

First was WRITTEN,it had 2 sections :

(1)Aptitude: aptitude had 35 questions ..Many repeated questions were there,

Data interpretation, puzzles, passages, jumbled sentences,etcpattern was same.

I cant recall all ques,,but il try:

One was a question on nails......two passages.a question on race

Q) how many odd numbers r there between 2000 & 4999.

Q) a figure involving concepts of geometry.(not dat tuf!)

Q) a question on multiplication of two nos. with unknown digits (O1 E1 O2 E2)(seemed tuf 2 me so I didnt attempt!)

Q) a similar question :A exists if C is present B exists if D & A are present ..n so on(quite a simple question I got d answer with truth table method it got easy)

Q) somewhat same question as above involving Figo, Ronaldo ..etc...& one drives scooter while the other rides bicycle.n so so(was easy!...MUST give time 2 such questions)

Q) a question on years(simple one!)

To cut it short apti was nt dat tuf.i jus left those questions of which I had absolutely NO IDEA...use ur rough sheet 2 the fullest.!

(2)Technical: this section had 20 questions & we were givn 15mins 2 solve..topics microprocessor,physical n logical address, little endian & big endian mode, complexity of algorithms,Revise complete Data structure(VRY VRY IMP!)..a simple question to fine 2s complement ...C programs (POINTERSMost IMP)....

After written we expected 2 have GD....but it got few students had their Technical & Hr the same day.......

My turn was on 13th Feb ..(the next day)....whole night tension, anxiety, fear kept me awake!!! whole bed was piled with buks..all I cud get.. i had never faced interview n all before ...n was really scared of failure...becoz once things get in our hand we dont want 2 let it go...


We gathered at college in morning at 9:00 patience was put 2 test that turn came at 8:00Pm...i was physically n mentally exhausted...but had 2 give a try at least....

As the interview started Sir asked 4 my CV...n brief introduction... & then started firing all questions one by one!

Sir-do u know C, well?

Me-yes sir.


Me-yes sir! I said im not a proficient but am learning.

Sir- difference between c & c++?

Me-told him all bout OOPs

Sir-what is abstraction, polymorphism? Types of polymorphism? types of inheritance?

Me-told him all whatever I knew...while describing types of polymorphism(runtime & compile time) I mentioned virtual functions---(he interrupted)

Sir-do u know wat r virtual functions?

Me-I told him (as I had read it 5mins befor)...& also said I didnt hve detail knowledge of it..

Sir-u knew those questions I am askin???(his strong voice echoed in my ears)

Me- I got scared first..but his smile infused a confidence in me n I too replied coolly...dat I jus read in some buk jus bfor comin(its better 2 tell wats true)..

Sir-okok so listen im explaining this 2 you.

(he explaind me a whole program involving virtual functions n the two ways they are calld)...he asked me 2 listen carefully n confirmed that he wud ask me questions regarding it next time I met him....

I got excited at this ..but had 2 control it as the interview was still at progress...

Sir-now u tell me about pointers?

Me-told him.

Sir-(he gave me a program & asked 2 find its output)

Me-I had gone through pointers so it wasnt dat tuf 4me...but still I took sometime 2 giv the answer..n got it rite!(he seemed pretty happy with dat)

Sir-do u kno bout inline functions?

Me-no sir..(I had no idea)

Sir-wat are stacks & queue?

Me-I told ..(ask 4 a pen n paper n explain it with program)(he looked satisfied!)

Sir-do you know wat r link lists?write program?

Me-I wrote d program....(as I was bout 2 finish he said okok fine)

Sir looked very serious, he had a good accent, he talked in a very friendly manner helping the candidate 2 feel it did 2 me!

After this phase was over .NOW I was confident that ill make it!!...i was sent 2 HR...

HR was cool:

Same old questions introduce urself

Family background,

Fathers occupation.....wat bout railways(as my fathr is in railway)

About siblings

Strengths(must prepare well! Speak loudly ,clearly n confidently with SMILE)ull realize its IMP!)

Weakness(think beforehand if not abl 2 get it ask ur frns )

Hobbies(I told Writing,music ,dance -he asked wat kind of writing I said not on daily basis but I note down things I wud like 2 read later....few self composed poems n articles & newspaper cuttings etc etc.....)

He asked few mor ques regarding this....(I was ready with question like wich latest article uve written frm? Where? n wat pasted? n all)....asked few mor ques from Cv..

...about relocation....about HCL foundation...jus checking communication skills........

&&& thanks to GOD.........i made it.......75 students got shortlisted....& it was a happy & most awaited moment 4 one more night excitement kept me awake!!!!

So dont lose day Is waiting for u to, for sure!!!.....just have confidence, smile & brush up ur skills as per requirement...go thru all papers

ITZ VRY ^(100) IMP......

*ALSO prepare ur seminar topic Well....they ask u if ur 6th sem is over!

*do prepare a Subject of intrest...(for EC students Digital elec wil do OR microprocessor)