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Karunya University,Coimbatore - 10 April 2007 by HCL

Details of Karunya University,Coimbatore - 10 April 2007 by HCL conducted by HCL for job interview.
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Total No Attended : around 330

Total Ppl placed : 89

There were three rounds

First Round
: Apptitude
35 q apps.(1 hour) 20 q technical(15 mins)

Apps , logical reasoning, Data interpretation/sufficiency,
Technical , microprocessor memory arrangement, c , memory management algorithm stuff etc

Second Round: Technical HR interview

I entered .

The HR asked me to relax and have some water.

I acceptd it and said thanks.

He asked to say something interesting - not about me . no academic stuff.

I asked him if i cud explain him bout Nanotechnology. he said no.

Then i asked him if i cud explain him bout Karunya. he said ok

I told him about my college. that went on for a few minutes.

Then he asked me to tell bout myself . i told him. (ps: Guys - Do this part well.)

Told me to explain bout Nanotechnolgy. i explained it briefly.

Then he asked some qs related to my hobbies

Then he told me to explain someting in which i cud answer anyqs if asked.

I gave my area of intrest. i started explaining it .

He asked some qs in the middle. i asweres them.

Then he asked me to give a concept for a c program to match two nos in an array.

( At that moment he was offered Tender coconut drink)

I was asked to write a c code for finding odd nos in a sequence.

When i finished writing the code, he offered the drink to me. i gladly accepted it.

Then i explained the code at which time when i was also having the drink. ( It was a nice time) Then he said ok.

I thanked him for the drink. and then it was over.

Third Round: HR Interview

since there were too many people selected for HR interview, they made the HR round as GD.

There were 10 ppl in my round.

We were asked to suggest a topic.

each guy was saying something. i was the last to suggest.

I cudnt think of anyting . the only thing which came in my mind was - Is GD really necessary?

SO i jus said that directly from the heart.

The HR took it has a topic & said it was a nice topic.

Though i didnt speak anything . later the topic was changed to " Is Technical Interview necessary ? "

The HR asked me to speak something . Then i gave a point. finally it was concluded.

Then we were asked for some Qs. I asked two Qs. then it was also done.

A day later The Results were announced. I was happy to see my name I thanked God.

Some FINAL Advice

Try Solving Logical Resoning and General aptitude stuff. Work On GDs . Be very good in your areas of interest.
Also pray to God. Its always God ,s grace which takes you up the ladder. You do ur part . GOD will bless you work.

In case you get rejected dont worry . Work on where you went wrong.

Thank you