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Fidelity Placement Papers To Download In PDF And Word Format

Fidelity placement papers in pdf , doc and text format to prepare for fidelity company. Check following old fidelity placement papers with solutions and test interview questions from year 2010 to 2015-16. Fidelity is one of reputed company in india for your career. We can provide fidelity aptitude syllabus for your help too. Know about fidelity placement procedure and questions with aptitude test papers on this page. Best of luck for your interview in fidelity company.
Hi everyone,There was two section in the test1. Technical (12 questions)2. Aptitude(18 questions)totally 30 questions 45 minutes. they said negative marking was there, actually if two choices are marked for a single question it will be marked as negative.1st section Technicalmost of the C, C++ questions were related to output.two programs were given for factorial which one will be faster( one was recursive and other one is do..while.)three questions were like comparison of algorithm to identify which one will sorted sequence were given like 22,23,25,34,37,46,55,58,68... comparison between linear sorting and binary algorithm which one will fetch 25 faster.from database one questionwas...
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