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Citicorp Placement Papers To Download In PDF And Word Format

Citicorp placement papers in pdf , doc and text format to prepare for citicorp company. Check following old citicorp placement papers with solutions and test interview questions from year 2010 to 2015-16. Citicorp is one of reputed company in india for your career. We can provide citicorp aptitude syllabus for your help too. Know about citicorp placement procedure and questions with aptitude test papers on this page. Best of luck for your interview in citicorp company.
 CITI CORPORATIONInterview Procedure :The test is followed by a Technical and a HR interview. The Some puzzles may also be asked in the interviewThe Written Test consists of three sections. The first section is an aptitude section. The second section is a 10 data interpretation questions section. For this section you follow the GRE book. In these questions some graphs will be there and the related questions will be you prepare from gre book. The third section is a Number series with 20 Questions to be done in 7 minutes. The Forth section is a Figure series with 20 Questions to be done in 14 minutes. The last section is a Essay. In the last section there was passage. You should...
SECTION-11)Five trays cost is 0.35 each and dozen-----(ans:Rs13.75)2)In a journey of 15 miles two third distance was traveled with 40 mph and remaining with 60 mph. How much time the journey takes...(ans:20 min)3)A man walks from 9.15 to 5.15 from Monday to Friday and 9.00 to 12.00 on Saturday. Each day  0.45 min lunch. How much time hewalks in a week...(ans: 39hrs15min).4) 12 revolutions takes 1/8 th second time. In 20 seconds how many revolutions...(ans:1920)5) In 60 reams of paper 40 reams were utilized then what percent will remain...(ans:33.33%)6) A started at 9.00 am with 6 mph and B started at 9.30 am with 8mph in the same direction.  At what time they will meet...(ans:11.00am)7)...
CITICORP1]. The following variable is available in file1.c static int average_float; all the functions in the file1.c can access the variable [2]. extern int x; Check the answer[3]. Another Problem with  # define TRUE 0 some code while(TRUE){some code  } This won,t go into the loop as TRUE is defined as 0 [4]. A question in structures where the memebers are dd,mm,yy. mm:dd:yy09:07:97[5]. Another structure question  1 Rajiv System Analyst[6]. INFILE.DAT is copied to OUTFILE.DAT [7]. A question with argc and argv .  Input will bemain(){int x=10,y=15;x=x++;y=++y;printf("%d %d\n",x,y);} ----------------------------------------------------------------------int x;main(){int x=0;{int...
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