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Accel Frontline 23 May 2008 - B.Tech. From IIMT Engg. College, Meerut Paper - 1

Dear Friends, This is Akshat Jain currently pursuing B.Tech. from IIMT Engg. College, Meerut. Accel Frontline visited our campus two times for a complete campus recruitment process. I could not remember the date but interview date was 23rd of May`2008firstly, it took written Exam:Written exam consist of 50 questions in which,10 ques. consists of Maths and other 40 ques. consists of language,harware, operating system.ques. are very hard for a software engineer if one does not have any hardware knowledge. Only software, language and other theoritical subject are not enough, one should havegood knowledge. Also Accel Frontline was hiring B.Tech. Candidates first time for their some special projects...
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