5 types of writing assignments that help you produce your own style of writing

There are many different types of creative writing that you can explore to practice your writing skills. No matter what you write, it is a good practice to occasionally write on different topics to sharpen your skills and strengthen your vocabulary. Not only that, it is always fun to take a break from writing in the same pattern over and over again. Here are a few writing projects which you can try on, for improving your writing skills:

1. Writing Book Reports

Book reports are majorly divided into three types, which are  plot summaries, character analyses, and theme analyses. Here you can give your opinion about different parts of a book. It can be any book, but you must include these basics in your book report:

  1. – the nature of the book report
    – the name of the book
    – the author of the book
  2. – the time period from where the story belongs to
    – the situation or the location where the story has taken place
    – the names of the characters and also a briefdescription discussing about their role
    – citations and instances from the book to support your opinion

    You can take online assistance for book report, if you are having trouble framing its write-up.

    Paragraph Writing

    Writing a well-developed paragraph can be practiced for expanding, polishing and describing your ideas. It is a good way to exercise your writing skills. At first, you have to decide a topic for paragraph writing.Then, you have to form a topic sentence, which is basically the headline. You have to explain the topic in your own words using references, citing examples, quotations, etc to back up your facts and information.The paragraph should have its proper meaning through an appropriate flow of details, followed by a crisp conclusion to bind it all together.

    3. Story Writing

    Story writing is a very interesting way to practice your skills to write. Although there are no hard and fast rules for creating a story, it must have an apt beginning, interesting middle and an overwhelming climax. You can also try different approaches of your core idea from an uncommon direction. Dialogue, setting, and characterization should be set factually along with one or more unexpected twists to make the story intriguing.

    4. Essay Writing

    Essays can be written on topics given by your school, college or institutes or you can just pick any subject and start writing on it. It starts with a solid introduction, and you can continue with describing, explaining and illustrating your points in any manner you prefer. It consists of separate paragraphs and ends with a concise conclusion.

    5. Blogging

    Blogs are one of the most trending things to do, these days. You can write about practically anything, such as stories, new or old experiences, informative content, recipes, poetry, fashion tips to name a few.  There is no word limit, so you can write as short or long as you want. It can be formal or informal.

    You can practice any of these creative writing assignments to experiment with different styles of writing.

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